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Beauty Tip of the Week

This week's tip is going to be a little different but I hope you like it. I came across this website called You Beauty (The Science of a Beautiful You)  today and really like it. Before I knew it I had spent a whole hour on the site. 
"The first website to explore the link between beauty and health in a fun, factual way. YouBeauty arms visitors with scientifically-proven quizzes and tools that measure and improve everything affecting their beauty—from skin and hair, to stress, sleep and self-esteem. Our quizzes act as a filter to deliver pertinent, personalized action steps, articles, discussions and research straight to the reader, taking them on a journey to become their most beautiful self".

They have 3 main categories; You Quiz-   several different quizzes you can take, a few I took for example were the the body type, stress level, and close relationship quiz. You're probably thinking these are like those quizzes that facebook has and that's what I figured too at first. There not though, there different and they have a whole guide telling you exactly why. They are scientifically validated, based on known science and use science based- tools. 

You Learn- a lot of great info on beauty, hair, nutrition, fitness and more. They include tips, articles, secrets and more from the best experts in science, beauty and fitness

You Talk-  where other YouBeauty members talk about anything and everything. You can share tips, advice and even post questions to one of there many experts. The topics vary and there's discussions about confidence to makeup to relationships to health. 

Besides all of that there is so much more on here that us woman like to read about.  There's something different about this site compared to the others. Like I said I just discovered it today but already love it. I had to share it with you guys bc I'm sure you'll like it too. Click here to be taken directly to the site. If you check it out let me know what you think :)

Click the links below :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome site!

  2. mycatsaysmeow2:32 AM

    I usually like these types of quizzes too, but I took a skin care quiz, and I'm already annoyed with these people. Maybe I just need to learn how to answer the questions better, but I already feel like they're nagging me about sunscreen and like they're lumping me into categories that I don't belong in.

  3. Shia Rondinelli12:01 PM

    I’m having my first giveaway come and check it out!


    Have a great weekend!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. lol. I know what you mean. I did that one too and I always get nagged about sunscreen. Some of the results from the quizzes I took dont sound like me at all and some of them do. I guess it just depends on the quiz lol

  5. Yeahh!! Thanks for letting me know :))

  6. mycatsaysmeow9:59 PM

    Well, the screencaps look really cute, so I guess I can give it another try XP

  7. Great, Kelly, another way for me to waste time on the internet;) jk, I'm super excited about checking this site out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ha Ha!!!! I know, right! There's way too many good sites that just pop up out of no where. I cant help it lol


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