Interview with Arielle from Beauty by Arielle

Name: Arielee
Age: 21
Location:  Southern Illinois/Evansville, IN area

1. Mini Bio?
My name is Arielle. I'm a graduate student at the University of Southern Indiana working on my Master of Social Work. I'll be done next summer and can finally join the real world! I'm engaged and am getting married next August (only 8 months to go, ahhh!!!)

I am not professionally trained and I purchase all products with my own money. I just love makeup and have a hobby of sharing beauty tips with others! In my spare time I love to cook, eat, lounge around, workout, shop and play around with makeup!

2. Where can we find you?

3. What inspired you to start your blog?
In my classes I kept having people ask me about makeup products and things I use, so I thought I should just start blogging! For years I have been watching youtube gurus for makeup tips so I decided to start my own channel at the same time as my blog. I absolutely love sharing my tips and favorite products with others! I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't trying new products or trying new makeup/hair techniques. I've just always been obsessed! 

4.  You also have a YouTube channel, do you enjoy writing posts or filming videos more and why?
I guess it's 50/50! I am a writer at heart. Actually, just the other day my fiancé and I were talking about hobbies and I said writing was one of them. I've just always found it relaxing. However, I also enjoy making videos. I started out in college as a Radio-TV major so I guess this is my way of utilizing some of that training. I'm also a visual learner, so for me, its easier to see the techniques in practice than read about them. I like being able to help the other visual learners out there!

5. What type of posts can we see the most of on your blog?
I would say I'm trying to keep things versatile. I had a food blog for a bit but I found that kind of limiting. I love that with a beauty blog there's SO much to talk about. Beauty can encompass so many things-It does not have to only be makeup. So since I've started I've done hauls, reviews, tutorials, posted my videos and also posted about wedding things. I plan to start including some fitness posts too and more wedding related posts, like wedding makeup and/or DIY projects. I also really love doing product reviews. 

6. If you could let people know one reason why they should read your blog, what would it be?
The foundation my blog is built upon is honesty. So if you enjoy reading honest reviews and tips that is what my blog is all about. I'm never going to praise a product that I don't truly stand by. I'm also always going to be honest about myself. I will admit I hate people seeing me without makeup but in my youtube videos there are shots of me without any makeup on. I think it's important to be real.

7. What are a few of your favorite blogs?
I really love Emily Eddington, www.beautybroadcast.net, and have been following her for several months. What's ironic is I found her after I graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and she's a news anchor in that town! Maybe I'm a creeper but when I go back to visit I secretly hope to run into her! I love that she's a REAL person, a woman with a career, who loves makeup. Her philosophy is in line with mine-that makeup can make you feel more confident and in turn help you be a better/happier person! I also appreciate that she doesn't JUST use high end makeup and uses drugstore products (even dollar store products!) 

Another blog I've really enjoyed is Kassi of The Closet Intervention, theclosetintervention.blogspot.com. She posts her OOTDs and I LOVE her style! Her blog is very well thought out and I love that she has a section where she includes where you would buy similar items to what she's wearing.

I've been discovering lots of new blogs from the blog hop that you and Nykki have been doing and I love it! I enjoy reading what other bloggers out there are finding and it inspires me to try new products or styles.

8. Would you rather leave the house with either messy hair with makeup OR nice hair and no makeup?
No question-messy hair and makeup. I hate going out without at least eyeliner and mascara on. It makes me feel naked!

9. Where do you want to see your blog 6 months to a year from now? 
I would be lying if I didn't say I hope to see my blog grow. I think all bloggers hope people actually like to read their blogs! I also want to start collaborating with other bloggers and youtubers. Even do some guest blogging. I think it's important to have friends out there in the blogging and youtube world! 

10. Lastly,have you experienced any negative aspects of blogging or having a YT channel, if so how do you handle it? 
Since my channel and blog are fairly new I have not had any negative backlash-yet. And I say yet because I expect it to happen. I've seen other gurus experience it and I just think it's silly. There's really no reason to be bashing someone. I mean if you don't like their posts or videos don't watch them or read their blog! All of us beauty bloggers/gurus are really trying and do it because we love sharing with others. There's a website out there solely devoted to bashing YT gurus and I think it's sad. I also believe overall we just need to be more supportive of one another-yes we all want followers but it shouldn't be a competition with everyone. If you're good at what you do, and love it, the followers will come.

I do this for the people who are really interested in finding out about products or learning a tip or two. Not the haters, so if I'm getting the hate I plan to ignore it! When I see YT videos or blog posts talking about the haters, or haters hating, I instantly get turned off and move on to someone else. When you do posts or videos like that you're just giving the haters more power and rule over your life! And really, who wants to give the haters power?! Not me! I prefer to devote my attention and love to my supporters!
Thanks Arielle for taking time out to do this! I really enjoy your blog and reading all your answers :)

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  1. naveeda nosheen5:55 PM

    You have a fantastic blog with beautiful design, posts and products. Very interesting to me.
    I will grab a code from your blog and paste in my blog.

  2. Kirby Throop8:20 PM

    I love your name! xo

  3. i will definetly  check out her blog:)

  4. You're so sweet! Thanks so much! Do you have a blog so I can follow?

  5. It's a great blog and she has a YouTube channel too :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out Arielle! :) Congratulations on your engagement :)
    You have a wonderful personality and great blog. Keep up the great work!


  7. Arielle Thibodeaux6:46 PM

    Thanks so much ladies! You're so kind!! 


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