UPDATE: Where have I been??

Hey Dolls!

Some of you have probably realized that I haven't published a blog post in a few weeks, except for the Monday Blog Hops. The last thing I want is for anyone to think I  gave up on my blog especially because that is not the case at all.

For the past two months I've been working a lot more and crazy hours so I hardly had time to check my computer let alone write posts almost everyday like I had been. I still tried to squeeze in a few posts when I could though. Then my computer decided to crash! At first I was very  upset because I didn't think it was fixable and I didn't have the money to buy a new laptop right now. I brought it to a few different places to see if there was anything that could be done. Finally I found a place that wasn't ridiculously expensive and was able to fix it. Yeahh!! I was so relieved but then found out it was going to take a while. That's why I haven't been able to post anything in the past month. I did make sure I was able to schedule the weekly Monday Blog Hops because I definitely did not want to give that up especially knowing how much a lot of you enjoy them.

I was able to find the time and a computer to write this quick update, I wanted to let you guys know that hopefully within the next week or two I will have my computer back and I'll be able to go back to blogging. I can't wait, I miss it so much and I miss reading all of your wonderful blogs. I hope you all understand and haven't given up on me. I appreciate everyone that still has been joining in on the blog hops even though I've been MIA. It means a lot!:)

When I do get my computer back I plan on redesigning my blog finally! I'm really excited about it even though I'm a little scared. I hope everyone is doing well and I cant wait to be able to communicate with you again very soon!



  1. beautybymissl11:30 AM

    I hope to see you posting again soon :)

  2. glossandglitz12:43 PM

    Aww that's ok Kelly! Sometimes life is just too darn busy... looking forward to "seeing" more of you! haha! glad ur comp is fixed... such an annoyance when that happens!! love ya hun and good luck with the redesign! it will look great! xo janna

  3. MariJo Nails12:51 PM

    Glad to know you're okay.  Hope things calm down a bit for you.

  4. Yay! So good to hear from you! I miss reading your posts, but I totally understand how sometimes life gets in the way~

  5. I was really getting nervous!!! I miss you TONS!!! Glad you're getting it fixed! CanNOT wait to catch up!!! Luv and miss ya! xoxox

  6. Hi Kelly!  I have missed you girl and you have been in my thoughts!  So sorry to hear about your computer issues!  It is so kind of you to get on her to give an update!  I'm excited to see your new blog design and that you are going to be back soon!  I can't wait to chat with you again girl!!! <3 you and miss you!! :*

  7. i wish you luck with the new place and with life in general! :)

    <3, Mimihttp://whatmimiwrites.blogspot.com/Want a summer scarf? Enter to win a $20 ScarvesDotNet Gift Certificate!

  8. Hello Dolls.... AND GUYS!!!!!
    Well, nice to know that we have not completely lost you. It`s never good when a woman goes `missing in action`, trouble is bound to be stirred. So it`s nice to know why you have been snubbing us. Computers... they can be a blessing and a bother. I swear to gawd that when I turn my lap top on some days, I get an error message that says Abandon all hope, ye who PRESS ENTER here`!` Here`s hoping you get your computer woes straightened out and we can see more postings from you.


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