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With all the eye shadow colors out there, I admit I used to be a little confused to which ones would look good with my eye color (which are blue). Some people said you should never wear blue eye shadow if you have blue eyes, brown eye shadow with brown eyes, etc. Then I’ve heard that you can do that if you want. The thing is that there are no strict rules when it comes to the colors you pick but there are a few guidelines that I’ve learned to follow. These are just some tips for you guys, (if you didn’t already know).

So there are a few things to keep in mind when picking colors for your eyes; your skin tone, sometimes your hair color and of course your eye color.

There’s nothing wrong with matching your eye shadow with your eye color, it’s just going to give your eyes a monochromatic look meaning, it may look boring since everything is one color. But if it works for you go for it! The reason they say to wear opposite colors from your eyes is to give it that contrasting look.

Another guideline for eye shadow application is the saying Opposites Attract. The color wheel is actually very helpful.

Colors on the opposite side of the wheel will make the best contrast colors. (i.g. green eyes pick a color in the purple family). Same applies for blue, brown and hazel eyes. Just look at the opposite side of the color wheel.

Of course its not that easy, you have to experiment with different shades in each color family according to your skin tone and sometimes hair color.


Woman with brown eyes are lucky! Just like woman with an oval face shape are lucky too because you have a wide variety of hairstyles and glasses that will look good with your face. Brown eyes are just the same, almost any shade will suite them. Some colors that go beautifully with brown eyes are: greens, champagnes, gold's and blue colors. You can also try shades of beige, pinks, corals and purples. Deep plum shades can really make your brown eyes pop. The intensity of color you use depends on your skin color, the lighter your skin color,the less color you should use and vice versa if your skin is darker.


I happen to have blue eyes and now know exactly what colors will make my eyes stand out and what colors don’t. Gold, bronze, deep brown types of colors really emphasize your eyes. ( look at the color wheel). Purple shades and silver shades work too, basically warm hues will contrast your baby blues. I personally don’t really like the way blue eye shadow looks on me, I feel like the two colors (my eyes and the shadow) are competing with each other. Go with a very different colored shadow for an eye-opening effect.

Two of my favorite eye shadow palette’s is Wet n Wild’s “I've Got Good Jeans” and “I’m Getting Sunburned”, for those who haven’t seen them, there both trio’s and the first one has a very light blue for the highlight and a deep dark blue for the crease then goldish bronze for the eyelid. The next palette has a light shimmery pink for the highlight, a deep dark brown for the crease and a bright darkish gold for the eyelid. I like to use both of these palettes together, I find the dark brown with the dark gold and a touch of the light blue looks gorgeous. 


Some woman with green eyes  have fair skin and freckles, if you have a light complexion try to avoid using deep or shimmery colors. However, some woman with green eyes have olive toned skin, then you should avoid silver and blue shadows. All woman with green eyes look great in brown colors from light beiges to deep chocolate browns. I’ve seen green-eyed girls with purple and pinkish shades that complimented their eye color. I’ve heard people say if you have green eyes to avoid green shadows, but a light green can be pretty when applied  sparingly.


I absolutely love hazel eyes, I think there so gorgeous. They are able to enjoy the widest spectrum of shadow shades. You should avoid using an excessive amount of blue hued shadow, it can dull down the color of your eyes and give you the opposite effect your going for. Purple shades contrast your color making your eyes look dramatic and warmer shades of Mocha compliment the green hue in hazel eyes, giving a natural effect. Soft pink is good for a romantic look. Using more neutral colors such as brown, gold, lavender and khaki are great ones too.

Remember these are just tips for you to go by, you should experiment with different shades of colors that are suited for you eyes since it also depends if your eye color is more of a light brown or dark brown (for example). Have fun with this too, trying different shades and styles with your eye color is supposed to be a fun thing. So  Mix, Match, Blend, go all out and see what you think looks good and  if you have brown eyes and like the way brown shadow looks on you then go for it!!

 Be Creative Baby!!!!

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  1. Ooooo, this is very useful, thank you so much!


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