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Beauty Tip of the Week

Instant Colored Mascara

Colored Mascara can give your eyes an instant pop of color. I think I still have my Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara in Royal Blue. Every now and then its fun to use and I always get compliments when I do wear it. That is the only color besides black I’ve ever tried but I always wanted to try maybe purple or green.

If you want to experiment with other mascara colors without going out and buying them, here’s a really cool trick I read in Cosmo recently:

Dip a wand in clear mascara then into any shade of loose shadow (the powder will stick to the bristles). Then swipe lashes gently to tint them. Rinse the brush and use it to make a new mascara hue anytime!!

Pretty cool, huh?

Have you or do you like using colored mascara? If so, what colors do you use?


Review: Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color

16 hour ColorStay Overtime Lip Color with Soft Flex Moisturizing Top Coat in Neverending Nude

This is one of those lipstick’s and clear top coat in one deal. Whenever I buy lipstick or lipgloss, which isn’t too often I always buy one that promises to stay on for a long time. One of the main reasons why I don’t usually wear anything but chapstick is because I hate how you apply it then ten seconds later you have to re-apply it. Or when you're wearing lipgloss and you go outside and your hair blows in your face and sticks to you lips. I don’t know that just really bothers me lol.

I saw this at Walgreens and really liked the color, plus it promises to stay on for 16 hours so I figured I would give it a try. Oh and plus it was 50% off so it only came to $5. It’s lighter on your lips then it looks in the swatch I did.

“Advanced ColorStay formula with SoftFlex Technology provides 16 hours of comfortable color. No touch-ups needed-even after meals.TopCoat enriched with 99% moisture, chamomile and soy extract keeps lips comfortable and delivers the shiniest shine.”



- It does stay on your lips for a good 8 hrs. (maybe even 16 hrs. but I couldn’t wait that long)

- The color including the top coat looks exactly the same hours later

- The color is really pretty and the top coat is shiny but not too shiny. Subtle

- It doesn’t stick to your hair when the wind blows outside (a plus for me)


- The color isn’t very easy to apply evenly

- Even though the color lasts a while, it doesn’t feel as comfortable on your lips as they said it would

- I don’t like how the lip color gets on the top coat brush every time you use it. I feel like it can ruin the top coat application

- The moisture only lasts for about an hour or two.

Overall I don’t think this is a bad product but I don’t think its great either. It does stay on like they promised. But I feel like it should go on more evenly. I don’t think I would recommend this product to anyone unless it was 50% off or you got a really good deal for it. Besides all the cons the color is very pretty. Personally I wouldn’t buy it again. But you live and learn lol


Review: Elemis Fresh Skin Products

I won!!!  

Thanks to one of my favorite beauty sites, Daily Glow.com  I am so lucky to be able to do a review on this new skin line that’s specially designed for woman in their teens and twenties called Elemis FreshSkin.

This line was created by Noella Gabriel, Elemis' Director of Product & Treatment  Development, she was not only inspired by her three younger nieces to create this line but also driven by her young team of beauty therapists. 

“Being in your teens and twenties is all about having a busy packed life, and that’s the way it should be. So it is important to have a trusted skin care regimen, which is more than just basic cleaning, it should nurture your skin, help prevent premature aging and brighten tired, dull and lifeless days…and of course those late nights! As the leading British skincare brand, we believe that skincare begins with Elemis FreshSkin. Each product is formulated with active raw ingredients such as elder flower, rosehip seed oil, apple, blackcurrant, goji berry, and geranium combined with skin kind bases specially chosen for their ability to help cleanse, exfoliate, prevent damage, moisturize, and boost skin’s elasticity to keep it youthful for longer”

I was so excited when I found out just a few days ago that I was chosen as the winner of this great giveaway and even more excited yesterday when I received the package in the mail which included:

- Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash

-Skin Glow Exfoliating Skin Wash

-Dreamy Sleep night-time moisturizer

-Tired eyes soothing eye rescue

-Softly Softly daily moisturizer

-Loving Lips quenching lip balm

-Deep Clean & Magical Moisture face mask duo

-Makeup-Away cleansing wipes

I was only able to try out 3 products so far; the makeup-away cleansing wipes, the peachy perfect everyday facial wash and the dreamy sleep night time moisturizer.

So far I like all 3, the makeup wipes took off my eye makeup easily as well as my face make up, the smell of the face wash was yummy and it seems gentle enough to use day and night, the night time moisturizer also smelt good and when I woke up my face looked brighter and felt very smooth.

I wanted to post this now even though I haven’t tried every product yet, but I will come back and fill you in on all the others once I’ve tried them.

Thank you Daily Glow!!!!


Wednesday’s Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week


 I like to file my nails with nail polish still on; not when freshly painted but before I remove the old polish. I do this because I find it the easiest way to shape them evenly and the way I want them.  When I file them without any polish on I tend to follow my nail beds and the white tip of the nail (that are not always even), then I end up having uneven lengths and different shapes.  I know this is different from the way most of you probably have been taught to file your nails, but if you give it a try you might see a difference  
Try to use a glass nail file as opposed to the regular ones. Glass files cause less tears and chips in your nails. Always file in one direction only and don’t over file your nails.


Review: Hard Candy Glamazon Glow

I couldn’t resist when I saw this cute little package filled with golden goodies by Hard Candy. I had to run to Wal-Mart yesterday to get one thing, but I knew I couldn’t leave without checking out the beauty isles. They had a few different other combos; a pink blush set and a smokey eye package. I just thought this was so cute for $8. I always wanted to try their baked bronzer and the 24 karat glow all the way face & body luminizer, I just recently ran out of their primer too so that’s one of the major reasons I bought it.

The size of each product are equal to travel sizes, it came with:

 Glow All They Way Face & Body Luminizer infused with 24 karat gold

Plexi Gloss Glossy Lip Shine in Genie 

So Baked Bronzer in Tropics

Sheer Envy Face Primer

I did a swatch of each product except for the face primer because there’s no color to it. When looking at the swatches keep in mind that my camera combined with the lighting didn’t do the best job at showing their true colors. I have to work on adjusting the lighting but you’ll get the idea, this is also my first time swatching colors, I know right? lol

I’ve never seen these packages before, maybe it’s something new they came out with or maybe its just a random product they are selling for a short time because there were only 2 other packages left. I'm happy I bought it though, I need to try more of Hard Candy’s products.

How do you guys feel about Hard Candy’s products, have you tried a lot of them, like them or no?


Teeth Tattoos: Yay or Nay?


Notice anything different on this woman’s face? Yup, that’s right she has a decal on her tooth, which is matched perfectly with her lipstick and nails.

I was on the internet  looking at different Japanese trends when I came across Tattoos for Teeth!  Am I the only one who’s never heard of this until now?

Apparently these have been around for years now, but just recently have they become the latest trend among Japanese woman. Some even match there nail art to there tooth art! Tooth decals do exist here in the U.S but haven’t caught on…yet. Who knows, we’ve seen big hip hop artists from men to woman sport grills to add some bling so why not tooth art. These temporary tattoos are applied with a special glue and last up to a few days.

There’s a man named Steven Heward who is a professional tooth artist, he actually does hand drawn paintings on your teeth, you can get a picture of your favorite celeb to any artwork you might want (painted on your tooth)!. Here are some examples of his work.

George Washington, Amy Winehouse, Elvis, Tiger Woods are just a few examples in this pic.

If you only want to try this for a day or two, they sell decals that last for only 24 hours. They come in smiley faces, emotions and other symbols. They sell these at  www.smileshop.comeach sheet of decals are priced at $3.99.

Talk about adding some BLING to your smile, they also have gemstones, colored crystals, diamonds (real or fake) which are known as dental jewelry. You would have to go to a dentist to get these put on, they supposedly don’t damage your teeth bc there isn't any drilling or holes. They are placed usually on one of your front teeth with adhesive and will last until you’re ready to take them off, they say if you have oral habits such as chewing on pens then it might not be for you.

So what do you guys think, would you ever consider getting anything tattooed on your teeth? I was surprised to find out that people actually do this, but hey who am I to judge. Personally, I can’t see myself ever trying this. I guess its just not me, I don’t even have any regular tattoos! lol.

Cheap Swaps for High-End Products

I was reading one of my favorite beauty sites, Total Beauty.com and they had a really good article with nine different high end makeup products and with each high end product they had a cheap drugstore product that is supposed to be just as good. I had to post this so you guys would read it, I really think you’ll enjoy it.

Example, they compared three different MAC eyeshadows in carbon, all that glitters and Brule with NXY in champagne, Wet n Wild MegaEyes Shadow Pot in Brule and Milani in black. I never thought about it until now but I had MAC’s eyeshadow in carbon and lost it a while ago then not too long ago I picked up Milani’s black eyeshadow. I knew there was a reason why I loved it so much, now I know because it really is just as good as MAC’s carbon.

They compare other great products to affordable brands, its crazy how much extra money will spend sometimes just because of the name on the product.

Click here to read this article Total Beauty.com         



Review: Face Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner

Believe it or not this is the first brush cleaner I’ve ever bought, I’ve always washed my brushes with baby shampoo and never had a problem. I purchased Face Secrets Professional Brush Cleaner about a month ago and I’ve been meaning to try it and do a review. The only reason why I bought it was because it was 50% off at Sally’s Beauty Supplies, I think I only paid $4.99 for it. I have never heard of this brand so I figured I would clean a few of my older brushes that I don’t use that often, just in case. .

For this review, I cleaned three different brushes, eyeshadow, concealer and a medium sized powder brush. They were all spot cleaned and I have to say I’m happy with the results. The brushes I used for this need to be deep cleaned so I wasn’t expecting them to be 100% makeup free, they had a lot of built up makeup on them. I ‘m surprised at how quick they dried, I guess I'm used to using baby shampoo and water so that’s why. All I did was pour a little bit of the cleaner into a small plastic bowl and dipped the bristles in for a second then wiped them on a paper towel until I couldn’t see anymore makeup on the paper towel. For my powder brush I poured some in an empty spray bottle, I learned that tip from YouTube guru EnKore, he said its better to use a spray bottle on your bigger brushes. There is one con to this product,  I don’t like the fact that its blue only because when I cleaned one of my lighter brushes I noticed that it stained a small part of my brush. It could have been worse and stained all the bristles. I did have low expectations for this product mainly because I’ve never heard of the brand. I am glad I bought it though. That just shows you cant judge a beauty product by its cover..lol

How do you guys clean your makeup brushes and what products do you use?


NOTD: Mint Sorbet


Whenever I look at this color it reminds me of mint chocolate chip minus the chocolate part lol. I would say it’s a green pastel color, definitely a spring and summer color. I have to get in all my summer colors in before its time to wear my fall colors (which I'm excited about).

I loved it as soon as I saw it in the store, it's called Mint Sorbet and its by Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collection.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with different nail designs and I’ve been wanting to do polka dots and stripes so I figured I would do one on each ring finger.

Polka dots are actually really easy to do, all I did was pour a few drops of white nail polish onto a paper plate and used a toothpick to make the dots.

I feel like those look like candy stripes, a good idea for Christmas nails. I used Art Deco’s nail art polish to easily draw diagonal stripes across my nail.

I was just thinking and I never told you guys what kind of base coat and top coat I use when I do my nails. My bad, better late than never though, right?

For my base coat I’ve been using Nutra Nail Base Coat & Ridge Filler with green tea. I really like this because I feel like compared to others it helps the polish to apply more evenly. It's not a clear color either, its more of a light tint of white. Once it's completely dry it basically looks clear.

I have a two step process when it comes to top coat. First I use Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Top Coat, this is the best top coat I’ve ever used! If you guys are looking for a good top coat try this one. Then 60 seconds after I apply Sally Hansen's Insta Dri Speed Dry Drops, this is really cool because it’s a mini dropper and you squeeze the cap and apply 1 or 2 drops to each nail. It's almost like an extra step to ensure your nails don’t chip and I honestly can say my manicures last longer when using both of these top coats. I also feel like the drops make your nails dry faster too. Ahhh! love Sally Hansen, I don’t know what I would do without them..lol


Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week


You can easily give your face a subtle tint of color without going crazy with self-tanner or baking in the sun. This is also really good for the winter months when you feel a little pale. Take either a liquid highlighter/bronzer, I use N.Y.C Bronze n Glow Liquid Highlighter, I’m pretty sure they don’t sell this anymore since I’ve literally had it for years, but you can use any liquid highlighter from any brand you want.

Mix a quarter size amount of the liquid highlighter with the same amount of your regular day time moisturizer. Mix it really well with your finger either on your hand or you can use something old to mix it onto to. Then apply it all over your face as if it was just moisturizer and you’re face will have a natural pretty glow.

*You can use either more or less than a quarter size amount of the bronzer to get the shade you desire*


Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

I fell in love with this color the other day when I saw it at Walgreens, it's called Snappy Sorbet. I could not wait to go home and take off my Crackle manicure and use this color. Don’t get me wrong I love my Crackle look, but I had it on for almost 2 weeks and was ready to switch it up. I did my usual manicure routine, applied my base coat then started to apply the color. At first I thought I was just being sloppy or maybe leaving too much paint on the brush because the color wasn’t going on neatly at all. I hardly ever have a problem with painting my own nails, then I realized that it was the brush.

Unlike most usual nail brushes this one was really wide, almost like it was made for people with wide nail beds. I always considered my nail beds to be more on the wider side too. I painted one hand and ended up taking it off, I just had a really hard time with this damn brush..lol. I love this color so much that the next day I tried again but had the same problem. So, needless to say I was very disappointed. I hope I can find this color by a different brand. Who knows though, it could possibly be that it's just me that can't work with this size brush.

I think this is such a pretty color for summer but unfortunately I could not work with this brush. Maybe its just me, do you guys own any colors from this product and if so has the brush ever given you trouble?


The DO’s & DON’T of Healthy Hair

If you feel like your hair could use some TLC lately, here’s some DO’s and DON’T on keeping your hair healthy


DO switch your blow-dryer to a cooler setting once your hair is about 70% dry to reduce more heat damaging.

DO use a Deep Conditioning treatment at least once a week

DO use a thermal heat protectant spray before styling with heat.

DO look for a conditioner with Panthenol, Keratin or vitamins to add strengths and nutrients.

DO trim hair regularly to prevent split ends

DO wash your brushes/combs on regular basis with soap and water


DON’T ring and squeeze your wet hair with a towel, just blot instead. Or better yet, try using paper towels.

DON’T use the highest heat setting on your flat-iron, use the lowest setting that will still straighten your hair.

DON’T use a brush on wet hair, that’s when it’s the most fragile. Use a wide tooth comb.

DON’T over due it with hair elastics, they can do a number on your strands. Try using bobby pins, headbands, barrettes; things that wont cause damage.

DON’T skimp on nutrients! Drink lots of water, eat whole grains and veggies.

DON’T over brush your hair.


Kourtney Kardashian’s Beauty Secrets

All of us woman would be lying if we didn’t admit we have a girl crush, meaning ( a celebrity or whoever we wished we could look like, whether its their body, face, hair or whatever). Well mine is Kourtney Kardashian. Ever since I became obsessed with all their shows, my favorite Kardashian girl has been Kourtney. She has an amazing body, especially for just having a baby, a beautiful face and gorgeous hair!! Here are some of Kourtney’s secrets to looking as beautiful as she does: 


As far as products, Kourtney says she loves Frédéric Fekkai products. She says she uses them on days when her hair feels dull and needs a little shine and since she has fine hair and loves volume (just like me) she uses Frédéric Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner with their full volume mouse when she blow-dries her hair. The mouse makes her style last longer and also gives it extra lift. When her hair feels dry she uses their glossing crème’,  only apply a little drop and rub it from your ends up, she says.

Oh and her absolute favorite hairspray is “TextureLine Texture Spray Hold Firm by L'Oreal”.

She says that she’s absolutely OBSESSED with hair masks and her favorite all time one is K-Pak by Joice, the smell is the best part and she always uses a hair mask once a week.

Believe it or not, but Kourtney says she horrible at styling her own hair (I'm surprised),  she usually likes to keep it low maintenance and prefers just to just let it air dry and go.


Kourtney claims it's all about moisturizer.. “I started putting Aquaphor all over my face,” she revealed. “It’s so healing, especially if you’re in the sun — I mix it with serum and I just put it all over my face.”  Her oldest beauty trick, one she learned as a child from her also beautiful mother “Kris Jenner” Is to use a hot washcloth and to scrub up your face. Kourtney said her mom has always embedded this into their minds. “She says to get a scalding hot washcloth and put it on your face and it will steam your pores and scrub it and everything will come out.

Kourtney says she probably discovered makeup way too young, while wearing lipstick in 7th grade but since her and sister Kim went to a catholic school they weren’t allowed to wear makeup and would get their lipstick taken away by their teachers. As for her own style, she says she loves to mix stuff, wearing things that are not always expected like major designer stuff with stuff she just buys at the mall. Her main two styles are a bohemian style and an electric style, and a mix of some other styles. She admits she’s all about comfort, she said her sister Kim Kardashian is all about wearing whatever looks good, while Kourtney has to be somewhat comfortable all the time. She really sounds low-maintence,  it takes her about an hour to get ready before going out at night and about a half hour in the morning.

Kourtney’s Beauty Favorites:

In her makeup bag right now:  She says she loves Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer,and a Smashbox bronzer.

Mascara: Lancôme Extencils.

Blush: NARS Orgasm.

Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD or High Definition 

Lip Gloss: the new MAC Dazzleglass lipgloss

Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.

Nail Polish: she says she loves OPI in general, but for this summer she’s really been into fluorescent orange pink nail polish from an unknown cheap brand she picked up at a random nail salon. It’s called “Hot Pink”   but it has a florescent pink-orange color that’s perfect for summer.

Body Wash/Body Lotion: She loves Johnson & Johnson baby body lotion (and so do her sisters). Her other favorite is Philosophy Crème Brulee Shampoo,Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.

Fragrance/Scents:  her favs are, Jivago, Michael by Michael Kors, and Quelques Fleurs.

Hair Care Products: “Frederic Fekkai products, especially their shampoo and conditioner” She also says she doesn’t like to use hair styling products unless someone else is doing her hair.

Skincare products:  she admits to not really having a whole skincare routine, but however she does love Peter Thomas Roth eye cream and Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. Also likes to use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.

Her number 1 beauty secret or philosophy: 

Lots and Lots of sleep, she says she has to sleep at least 8 hours plus an eye cream. She also says her and her sister Kim started using eye cream in 7th grade!!! No wonder!! lol.

If you could pick any celebrity to look like for one day, who would it be? We already know mine…lol..I want to know yours too! 


Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week

Having a Bad Hair Day?


Waking up in the morning to either limp, flat, wavy, frizzy or just hair that wont go the way you want it to can be very annoying. Usually when this happens to me, I feel like there’s nothing I can do or try to make it better, especially when you don’t have the time to start over by washing it. That’s where hot rollers come in, a lot of people underestimate hot rollers or they think it’s something people only used back in the day. There not just for curling your hair either, jumbo rollers are great for giving you volume while smoothing and adding some shine. All you have to do is spray some dry shampoo to your roots first, then add a few hot rollers on the top of your head (starting from the front then towards the back). You can add a few to the sides too (it's up to you how many you want to use). Then it's so easy, leave them in while you're doing your makeup, getting dressed or whatever you have to do. Then take them out before your ready to leave, maybe add some hairspray and you should forget about your bad hair day….

You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive set either, I’ve seen some sets at Wal -Mart for only $15. Conair makes some really good ones that wont cost you a fortune


I Want to Know What you’re thinking today!!

I guess you can call this somewhat of a questionnaire for you guys and myself. I always like learning more about my readers.  Instead of doing a poll, I thought about picking some random simple questions that have to do with not just makeup but life related issues too. I hope you guys will take a minute to participate in this. I’m going to post the questions and put my answers, then all you have to do is copy and paste the list of questions into the comment box and fill in your own answers. I think it will be fun to see what everyone is up to. Okay, here it goes:

1. Current Mood: Kind of blahh right now, its rainy out so that always puts a damper on things.

2. Makeup Craving: I really want to buy the $75 airbrush foundation kit, (not sure the exact name). But that’s my next beauty purchase!

3. Favorite Song as of now: Alexandra Stran- Mr. Saxobeat ( really good song)

4. What's on your nails: black polish with Crackle in Fractured Foil

5. Goal of the week: I’ve been meaning to get this appointment I have to go to out of the way for weeks, it requires me getting there by 6:30am (yea I know)! I’ve been putting and putting it off, but I have to do it, I'm aiming for tomorrow morning.

6. Hair: Ugh! besides it being a hot mess right now, its back in a sleek ponytail. I need a haircut very soon.

7. Looking forward to: Making more money to save and moving out of my parents house.

8. Plans for today/tonight? Since its 5:30pm here, and its rainy and gross outside. Not sure, I might hang out with one of my friends, if not I’ll just stay in tonight.

9. Facial Moisturizer: Garnier’s Moisture Rescue

10. Lovin’ (makeup or non makeup related): my reality tv shows; kardashians, jersey shore, teen mom, etc. (I admit, I'm a reality tv junkie)! Tonight’s reality show Teen Mom!

Okay! Now its your turn! Just copy the list below and paste it into the comment box and insert your own answers. Cant wait to read them!!


Current Mood:

Makeup Craving:

Favorite song as of now:

What’s on your nails:

Goal of the Week:


Looking forward to:

Plans for today/tonight:

Facial Moisturizer:

Lovin’ (makeup or non makeup related):


How To: Nail Art-* Purple Rock Star *

Lately I’ve been experimenting with nail designs, after some practicing I’ve come up with a few designs that I think are cute and not too embarrassing for me to post on my blog. It’s really easier to do these designs than you would think, believe me if I can do it, you can do it.
You don’t have to use the same colors as I am, you can switch up the colors to make it your own style. These are just some tips for you guys, customize it however you like since it is your nail design..

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of China Glaze in Avalanche      

Step 2: Take black nail polish and create a French tip but on an angle. It helps if you start at the edge and pivot your finger as you are applying the color .

Step 3: Pour a small amount of white nail polish onto a piece of paper and with a tooth pick lightly dot onto the black area for a polka dot design look.    

Step 4: With the same white polish use a nail art brush or you can use something like the Nail Art Deco polishes (anything with a thin brush) and start at the outer edge and draw a few squiggly lines, using that pivot motion like you did in step 2, if it helps. The lines do not have to be perfect at all or in the same shape and place I used. Have fun with it.   

Step 5: Using a silver glitter nail polish (with a thin brush) draw a line where that gap between the black polish and the first white line is, then draw lines over and underneath each white stripe.


I am no where near a professional and I don’t claim to be, this is just me experimenting while  showing you guys how to create this design. If you guys like this and decide to try it out PLEASE leave me a comment or if you have some cool designs of your own I would love to see them!!  xoxo


Makeup Organization Ideas


 With my ever-growing makeup collection that seems to keep growing every time I turn around, I’ve noticed that my once neatly organized makeup table is becoming a little cluttered. Not only does that annoy me when I’m getting ready, because it takes me twice as long since I don’t know where everything is placed and if you just have your makeup thrown anywhere you could be helping your makeup deteriorate at a rapid rate.

Organizing your makeup products can actually be fun and it definitely doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. There’s a ton of fun DIY organization ideas, plus things you can use from your house. Look at it as a fun project on a rainy day or whenever you want. Before I share with you some of the ways I store my makeup, I want to fill you guys in on the proper storage to keep you from having to toss away your makeup any earlier than you have to.

*Keep it Dry: The introduction to moisture is the #1 reason your makeup goes bad, moisture and humidity will cause the composition in pressed powders, powdered blushes and powdered eye shadows to change, it usually will become soft and crumble. The same with your lipsticks, any kind of cover sticks, cream eye shadows and eyeliner. So don’t’ store these products in your bathroom bc of hot baths and showers that make the temperature change. You know when you take a shower and when you get out sometimes the mirror is all foggy, well that’s bc of the steam from your shower. Just imagine your makeup exposed to that. The best place to store cosmetics is in a bedroom that’s not connected to your bathroom or any storage area with the less humidity.

Ideally the best way to store your makeup is by separating them. lipsticks and lip liners in one, eye shadows by them selves, eyeliner with mascara, pressed powders with cover up sticks and foundations, blush can be stored by itself and of course makeup brushes by themselves.

A great organizer is one that’s intended for kitchen utensils. There perfect for organizing your different products and they can fit right in your draw. I haven’t tried this yet bc the drawers I have right now are too narrow. I use different sized baskets that I’ve either got at the dollar store or Wal-Mart.

Here’s a really cool idea to hold your makeup brushes, I forgot where I got this idea from but its genius and it only cost me a few dollars to make. All you need to do is go to a dollar store (or The Dollar Tree if you have one near you) and buy those clear jars (plastic or glass) either one will work. I have a small one for my skinner brushes and a medium-sized one for my bigger brushes. Then buy a bag of those crystal vase fillers, they come in all different colors and shapes so you can mix up the colors to make it pretty if you want. There only a dollar each, then fill the jar with the vase fillers leaving about an inch empty so the brushes stand up straight. Here’s a picture of one I made a few years ago, don’t mind my dirty brushes they need to be cleaned lol.

This one is a real space saver, if your like me and have a bunch of single eye shadow’s then you might like this. I first heard about this from YouTube Guru EnKore (if you watch YouTube videos and haven't heard of him yet, watch his channel you’ll love it). Instead of going out and buying the already made palettes to depot your shadows into, you can easily make your own palette out of an old CD case. You can get as creative as you want with it by adding labels to each eye shadow or printing out cool designs for the front of the CD, it's really up to you. lol. as you can see by the one I made, I wasn’t too creative, I basically rushed through it bc I was in a hurry but wanted to really try it out. Now that I have more single eye shadows that are taking up too much space again, I'm going to make a another one soon, but this time I’m going to take my time and be creative and have fun with it. The first time I watched the videos on how to depot your eye shadows and the video on how to make these I thought it might be a little tedious and time consuming. But it's totally not, and I made this about a year ago and thanks to crazy glue (which I recommend you using instead of magnet strips or any other kind of tape) these shadows haven’t moved at all. Even when I’ve brought them with me to travel. What you're going to need:

-old CD case

-single eye shadow’s

- knife or scissors

- flat iron

-crazy glue

*construction paper or labels to customize the palette (optional)

I wish it was easy for me to explain how to depot eye shadow but it's not so I posted a link for the video I watched on “How to Depot Eye Shadow” by MakeUpGlam1 and a link for EnKore’s “CD Eye Shadow Palette”. Both of these videos are really helpful and will provide you with all the info you need.. If you plan on trying this watch these quick videos first.  Let me know if you try it!!

MakeUpGlam1’s Depot tutorial: http://youtu.be/c1hESi2UcyA

EnKore’s How To CD Palette tutorial: http://youtu.be/124pKIQtEUc

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please leave any comments on your thoughts on these ideas or storage ideas of your own. I love learning new ways to store my makeup.


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Eye Makeup that Suits You!


With all the eye shadow colors out there, I admit I used to be a little confused to which ones would look good with my eye color (which are blue). Some people said you should never wear blue eye shadow if you have blue eyes, brown eye shadow with brown eyes, etc. Then I’ve heard that you can do that if you want. The thing is that there are no strict rules when it comes to the colors you pick but there are a few guidelines that I’ve learned to follow. These are just some tips for you guys, (if you didn’t already know).

So there are a few things to keep in mind when picking colors for your eyes; your skin tone, sometimes your hair color and of course your eye color.

There’s nothing wrong with matching your eye shadow with your eye color, it’s just going to give your eyes a monochromatic look meaning, it may look boring since everything is one color. But if it works for you go for it! The reason they say to wear opposite colors from your eyes is to give it that contrasting look.

Another guideline for eye shadow application is the saying Opposites Attract. The color wheel is actually very helpful.

Colors on the opposite side of the wheel will make the best contrast colors. (i.g. green eyes pick a color in the purple family). Same applies for blue, brown and hazel eyes. Just look at the opposite side of the color wheel.

Of course its not that easy, you have to experiment with different shades in each color family according to your skin tone and sometimes hair color.


Woman with brown eyes are lucky! Just like woman with an oval face shape are lucky too because you have a wide variety of hairstyles and glasses that will look good with your face. Brown eyes are just the same, almost any shade will suite them. Some colors that go beautifully with brown eyes are: greens, champagnes, gold's and blue colors. You can also try shades of beige, pinks, corals and purples. Deep plum shades can really make your brown eyes pop. The intensity of color you use depends on your skin color, the lighter your skin color,the less color you should use and vice versa if your skin is darker.


I happen to have blue eyes and now know exactly what colors will make my eyes stand out and what colors don’t. Gold, bronze, deep brown types of colors really emphasize your eyes. ( look at the color wheel). Purple shades and silver shades work too, basically warm hues will contrast your baby blues. I personally don’t really like the way blue eye shadow looks on me, I feel like the two colors (my eyes and the shadow) are competing with each other. Go with a very different colored shadow for an eye-opening effect.

Two of my favorite eye shadow palette’s is Wet n Wild’s “I've Got Good Jeans” and “I’m Getting Sunburned”, for those who haven’t seen them, there both trio’s and the first one has a very light blue for the highlight and a deep dark blue for the crease then goldish bronze for the eyelid. The next palette has a light shimmery pink for the highlight, a deep dark brown for the crease and a bright darkish gold for the eyelid. I like to use both of these palettes together, I find the dark brown with the dark gold and a touch of the light blue looks gorgeous. 


Some woman with green eyes  have fair skin and freckles, if you have a light complexion try to avoid using deep or shimmery colors. However, some woman with green eyes have olive toned skin, then you should avoid silver and blue shadows. All woman with green eyes look great in brown colors from light beiges to deep chocolate browns. I’ve seen green-eyed girls with purple and pinkish shades that complimented their eye color. I’ve heard people say if you have green eyes to avoid green shadows, but a light green can be pretty when applied  sparingly.


I absolutely love hazel eyes, I think there so gorgeous. They are able to enjoy the widest spectrum of shadow shades. You should avoid using an excessive amount of blue hued shadow, it can dull down the color of your eyes and give you the opposite effect your going for. Purple shades contrast your color making your eyes look dramatic and warmer shades of Mocha compliment the green hue in hazel eyes, giving a natural effect. Soft pink is good for a romantic look. Using more neutral colors such as brown, gold, lavender and khaki are great ones too.

Remember these are just tips for you to go by, you should experiment with different shades of colors that are suited for you eyes since it also depends if your eye color is more of a light brown or dark brown (for example). Have fun with this too, trying different shades and styles with your eye color is supposed to be a fun thing. So  Mix, Match, Blend, go all out and see what you think looks good and  if you have brown eyes and like the way brown shadow looks on you then go for it!!

 Be Creative Baby!!!!


NOTD: CracKle -iN

I just recently (like a month ago) heard of this new “Crackle nail polish” The pictures I’ve seen with the Crackle polish looked really cool so I knew I had to try it. I went to Walgreens yesterday for something different and came across them. Then I saw that they only had two colors left, a red color and silver color. I bought the silver one that’s actually called “Fractured Foil”. I figured it would work over black nail polish.

So here I am, home about to give myself a DIY manicure with black nail polish and the Fractured Foil Crackle.  (I know, not very summerish), its okay bc I really want to try it out. I will post my results when I'm done for you guys to see.

So I finished my manicure and I really like the way it came out. I like how you can apply a thin or thick coat for different results, I applied more of a thin coat, I wasn’t sure what it was going to look like so I figured less the better. It also dries pretty quick too. I'm excited to try the different colors they have, looks like I have a new obsession of the week  


Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week

Everyone’s probably got an old box of this stuff hidden in the back of their fridge. Come to find out, there’s quite a few beauty uses you can get from baking soda that work and will save you money!

1. TEETH WHITNER: make a mixture of baking soda, water and a pinch of salt. and brush your teeth to remove stains and brighten your smile.

2. SQUEAKY CLEAN HAIR: Mix 1 tsp. of baking soda with your regular shampoo to remove build-up from styling products.

3.NAILS: Make a rough paste with baking soda and water to remove surface stains or dirt. Use an old toothbrush for best results.

4. DRY SKIN RELIEF: soak in a bath tub with a 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of baby or mineral oil.

5. BEAUTY TOOL CLEANSER: You should try and clean your hair brushes and combs, they get dirty after regular use. Soak them in hot water with a few tablespoons of baking soda and bleach to remove dirt, germs and product build up.

Hope you guys try them out, let me know what you think!! xoxo

Turn up the Volume!

I always hear girls complaining that they want  more volume in there hair but don’t know how. Whether you have fine or thick hair, there are a lot of different tricks and ways to get volume in your hair. I’m going to list some of the ways to pump it up and I’ll also tell you how to achieve the look. Hope you guys enjoy  

1. SET YOUR HAIR: (This will help those with lifeless thin hair the most, but this will work on any hair type).
 Roller Sets aren’t just for grannies anymore . They use these on photo shoots, backstage at fashion events and on Victoria Secret Runaway shows. There are number of different ways you can go about doing this but this is the basic way.  First, find a volumizing product that you love (ask your hairstylist to recommend one for your hair type, make sure its weightless and not sticky, volumizers that are sticky will end up weighing your hair down in a few hours).  Start by blow drying your hair upside down and get the hair going upward and off your head (using your fingers to lift your hair away from the roots). Flip your head back over and blow dry in sections or as you normally would.
  While your hair is still warm, start by putting Velcro rollers in the top section and work your way down if you want. (Or you can only do the top sections). DON’T spray hair with hairspray before you wrap it around the roller, I learned the hard way because it makes it harder for the roller to come out and then it just looks like a hot mess. I always put the rollers straight down the part because that’s where I usually feel the hair is most flat. You can use those pins that usually are used with Velcro rollers or you can use bobby pins. (whatever works for you). The key to setting is to let it go from hot to cold while rolled up. Once your hair is wrapped up with the rollers, blast it with your blow dryer and then let it get cold. If your in a hurry you can use the cool button on your dryer to speed up the process. Use this time to do your makeup, get dressed, eat or whatever. Once you know the hair is cool, carefully unroll them (don’t ever pull them out) and style as usual. Then you can use some hairspray.
*Velcro rollers are you best bet for lasting lift. Put 2-3 rollers on top of your head for added lift or do the whole head for maximum fullness.

2.Blow drying: you can achieve volume while blow drying your hair with a root lifter spray (or volumizer), a large round brush or you can even use a vent brush. My personal favorite root lifter is Suave Volumizing Root Boost Spray (this stuff works great and its only $3.99 at CVS). While you hair is about 80% dry, spray the roots of hair by parting in 1-2 inch sections and continue to mist evenly through roots and mid shaft. (The longer your hair the bigger the round brush should be). Take a manageable section and wrap the hair around your brush and slightly lift your hair & brush upwards and take your blow dryer and point the nozzle attachment to the brush. Direct the air flow down the hair shaft and begin to dry. As you begin to dry move the brush towards the ends of your hair. When you know that section is dry use the cold shot button on your dryer to set the shape. Continue with every section on the crown of your head (or however many sections you desire). You will notice a difference in volume from using a big barrel brush.
Using a Vent Brush: you can also achieve volume using a vent brush to direct the hair away from the scalp (pull it up and then forward with the brush) Or you can try tipping your head upside down to direct the hair away from the scalp.
3. Teasing and Backcombing:  Never tease your hair while its wet or even damp, make sure its completely dry. Start by separating a single strand about 1 inch wide. Its best to start with hair towards the top of your head and work your way down. Hold the strand up firmly with one hand and use a rat tail comb in the other hand and start about 5 inches away from your scalp. Lightly brush towards the scalp while still holding the hair in your other hand. The strength that you use should be firm enough to create tangles but not too vigorous so that your hair rips or your comb gets caught in your hair. (that’s how you know your teasing too hard). Repeat a few times then lightly spray the teased section and let it down gently. Using your fingers lightly grab the teased section without flattening it and put to the side while working on other sections. When you have finished teasing take a either your comb or a round soft bristle brush and lightly smooth over all the teased sections (without flattening them), just enough to cover any tiny hairs that might be sticking up. Then you can take your hand and lightly push the hair on one side of your head up and lightly spray with hairspray and repeat on the other side of your head. That will add extra volume.
4. Using Dry Shampoo: using dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair can give you extra volume. You should look for a dry shampoo that says “volumizing” on the bottle. A really good one is John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo. This is really good for renewing volume as your hair starts to go flat during the day. To create crown volume with this, start at the back and work from the bottom up. Spray 1 inch sections from underneath. Then you can either gently massage roots for extra volume or lightly tease.
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