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 With my ever-growing makeup collection that seems to keep growing every time I turn around, I’ve noticed that my once neatly organized makeup table is becoming a little cluttered. Not only does that annoy me when I’m getting ready, because it takes me twice as long since I don’t know where everything is placed and if you just have your makeup thrown anywhere you could be helping your makeup deteriorate at a rapid rate.

Organizing your makeup products can actually be fun and it definitely doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. There’s a ton of fun DIY organization ideas, plus things you can use from your house. Look at it as a fun project on a rainy day or whenever you want. Before I share with you some of the ways I store my makeup, I want to fill you guys in on the proper storage to keep you from having to toss away your makeup any earlier than you have to.

*Keep it Dry: The introduction to moisture is the #1 reason your makeup goes bad, moisture and humidity will cause the composition in pressed powders, powdered blushes and powdered eye shadows to change, it usually will become soft and crumble. The same with your lipsticks, any kind of cover sticks, cream eye shadows and eyeliner. So don’t’ store these products in your bathroom bc of hot baths and showers that make the temperature change. You know when you take a shower and when you get out sometimes the mirror is all foggy, well that’s bc of the steam from your shower. Just imagine your makeup exposed to that. The best place to store cosmetics is in a bedroom that’s not connected to your bathroom or any storage area with the less humidity.

Ideally the best way to store your makeup is by separating them. lipsticks and lip liners in one, eye shadows by them selves, eyeliner with mascara, pressed powders with cover up sticks and foundations, blush can be stored by itself and of course makeup brushes by themselves.

A great organizer is one that’s intended for kitchen utensils. There perfect for organizing your different products and they can fit right in your draw. I haven’t tried this yet bc the drawers I have right now are too narrow. I use different sized baskets that I’ve either got at the dollar store or Wal-Mart.

Here’s a really cool idea to hold your makeup brushes, I forgot where I got this idea from but its genius and it only cost me a few dollars to make. All you need to do is go to a dollar store (or The Dollar Tree if you have one near you) and buy those clear jars (plastic or glass) either one will work. I have a small one for my skinner brushes and a medium-sized one for my bigger brushes. Then buy a bag of those crystal vase fillers, they come in all different colors and shapes so you can mix up the colors to make it pretty if you want. There only a dollar each, then fill the jar with the vase fillers leaving about an inch empty so the brushes stand up straight. Here’s a picture of one I made a few years ago, don’t mind my dirty brushes they need to be cleaned lol.

This one is a real space saver, if your like me and have a bunch of single eye shadow’s then you might like this. I first heard about this from YouTube Guru EnKore (if you watch YouTube videos and haven't heard of him yet, watch his channel you’ll love it). Instead of going out and buying the already made palettes to depot your shadows into, you can easily make your own palette out of an old CD case. You can get as creative as you want with it by adding labels to each eye shadow or printing out cool designs for the front of the CD, it's really up to you. lol. as you can see by the one I made, I wasn’t too creative, I basically rushed through it bc I was in a hurry but wanted to really try it out. Now that I have more single eye shadows that are taking up too much space again, I'm going to make a another one soon, but this time I’m going to take my time and be creative and have fun with it. The first time I watched the videos on how to depot your eye shadows and the video on how to make these I thought it might be a little tedious and time consuming. But it's totally not, and I made this about a year ago and thanks to crazy glue (which I recommend you using instead of magnet strips or any other kind of tape) these shadows haven’t moved at all. Even when I’ve brought them with me to travel. What you're going to need:

-old CD case

-single eye shadow’s

- knife or scissors

- flat iron

-crazy glue

*construction paper or labels to customize the palette (optional)

I wish it was easy for me to explain how to depot eye shadow but it's not so I posted a link for the video I watched on “How to Depot Eye Shadow” by MakeUpGlam1 and a link for EnKore’s “CD Eye Shadow Palette”. Both of these videos are really helpful and will provide you with all the info you need.. If you plan on trying this watch these quick videos first.  Let me know if you try it!!

MakeUpGlam1’s Depot tutorial: http://youtu.be/c1hESi2UcyA

EnKore’s How To CD Palette tutorial: http://youtu.be/124pKIQtEUc

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please leave any comments on your thoughts on these ideas or storage ideas of your own. I love learning new ways to store my makeup.



  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing the makeup organization tips! I especially love the simple DIY makeup brush holder. I think I'll make one too! (and dollar tree is my store)



  2. You welcome :) I love DIY projects. Especially when they barley cost u any money!


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