Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Color

I fell in love with this color the other day when I saw it at Walgreens, it's called Snappy Sorbet. I could not wait to go home and take off my Crackle manicure and use this color. Don’t get me wrong I love my Crackle look, but I had it on for almost 2 weeks and was ready to switch it up. I did my usual manicure routine, applied my base coat then started to apply the color. At first I thought I was just being sloppy or maybe leaving too much paint on the brush because the color wasn’t going on neatly at all. I hardly ever have a problem with painting my own nails, then I realized that it was the brush.

Unlike most usual nail brushes this one was really wide, almost like it was made for people with wide nail beds. I always considered my nail beds to be more on the wider side too. I painted one hand and ended up taking it off, I just had a really hard time with this damn brush..lol. I love this color so much that the next day I tried again but had the same problem. So, needless to say I was very disappointed. I hope I can find this color by a different brand. Who knows though, it could possibly be that it's just me that can't work with this size brush.

I think this is such a pretty color for summer but unfortunately I could not work with this brush. Maybe its just me, do you guys own any colors from this product and if so has the brush ever given you trouble?


  1. really? i actually love them:)

  2. Yea, I dont know what it is about the brush. lol. Maybe I just need to practice more with it

  3. Urgh that's a pity! I got a Sally Hansen Salon Manicure, and I also struggled with the brush - super wide you end up painting your skin! And HOW do you get your mani to last two weeks? I'm lucky if mine lasts for 5 days!

  4. ahh!! lol.. Im glad to know its not just me that struggles with the brush. It's almost like the brush was made for people with super wide nail beds. Oh and the only reason why that manicure lasted 2 weeks was bc I used the Crackle nail polish, have you ever tried it? When I was trying to remove it, it was such a pain!! Ya know when you try to take off glitter nail polish. The same thing.

  5. I actually have this exact brand in a different color and I really like the brush. However, I will add that I usually use it just on my toes....... not sure if that makes it any better. lol

  6. lol...I probably wouldn't have a problem using it on my toes. I should try that next. :)


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