Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of the Week

This week's tip is going to be a little different but I hope you like it. I came across this website called You Beauty (The Science of a Beautiful You)  today and really like it. Before I knew it I had spent a whole hour on the site. 
"The first website to explore the link between beauty and health in a fun, factual way. YouBeauty arms visitors with scientifically-proven quizzes and tools that measure and improve everything affecting their beauty—from skin and hair, to stress, sleep and self-esteem. Our quizzes act as a filter to deliver pertinent, personalized action steps, articles, discussions and research straight to the reader, taking them on a journey to become their most beautiful self".

A Year's Challenge Week 9: Vintage Mani

This week' s mani was Vintage, so of course I googled it and the only thing that came up was the mani with the half moon and the tips not polished. Thinking back to week 6's Half Moon mani and how much I failed at it, I couldn't imagine doing it again. So I decided to do something different.

When I think of vintage I don't think of just one era, to me it is something older that represented a certain time, no matter what it is. Whether this means Vintage or not, I thought of the bright colors from the 60's & 70"s and knew I wanted to use that as my inspiration. When I look at this picture it reminds me of the movie Austin Powers.


Monday February 26, 2012 BLOG HOP!!

Monday Beauties Blog Hop February 26, 2012

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where I hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here and it will explain EVERYTHING:)


Review: As Seen On TV Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit

**Just so you know I'm a nail stamping virgin. This As Seen On TV Salon Express Kit is the first nail stamping kit I've ever had. I've never used the Konad or any of the other popular kits, so for those of you that have experience in nail stamping, your opinion will probably be totally different from mine.

I bought the Salon Express Kit a few weeks ago at CVS,  The retail price of this kit is $9.99 but I happened to have $4.00 in CVS coupons so I only ended up paying $6 and change. I've also seen this at other drugstores and Sally's Beauty Supply.


A Year's Challenge Week 8: Corset Mani

This week's manicure for the Nail Challenge was a little intimidating. I'm usually not too bad when it comes to freehand nail art but it depends on what it is.  When it comes to using my non dominant hand, forget about it. I don't know how people do it! I actually forgot what a corset really looked like so I had to google them lol. Then I remembered, it's actually a good idea for a manicure.


Monday February 19, 2012 BLOG HOP!!

Monday Beauties Blog Hop February 19, 2012

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where I hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here and it will explain EVERYTHING:)


Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of the Week

Yesterday I went to use my Hot Tools Curling Iron that I've had for about a year now and couldn't believe how gross it was. You could just see all the hairspray and other hair products built up. 

Yuk! Just look at this scary picture....


A Year's Challenge Week 7: Valentines Day Mani

  Happy Valentines Day loves!!!  

I have to be honest, Valentines Day has never been one of my favorite holidays, I don't hate it but I don't love it either..and no lol, it's not just because I'm single this year. Even when I was with someone it wasn't something I made a big deal about. That's just me though. However it is a perfect excuse to do your nails really cute :) I wanted to do a little more with my Valentines Day mani but before I knew it I was doing my nails on Sunday night. So I kept it pretty simple, but cute. 


Monday February 13, 2012 BLOG HOP!!

Monday Beauties Blog Hop February 13, 2012

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where I hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here and it will explain EVERYTHING:)


Review: QuickTan Instant Self Tanner by Body Drench

Confession: I hate being pale, I feel so much better with some color. I definitely don't have a olive skin tone and I'm not Italian but I have light to medium skin. I use bronzers all the time and don't get me wrong they definitely help, especially Bare Minerals Warmth. But, I feel that they look more natural with some sort of base color. I used to go tanning all the time, from my freshman year of high school up until a few years ago. Then I finally realized I was going to have leather for skin soon if I didn't stop. As painful as it was to stop, I finally did. So I've been on the look out for a self tanner that instantly gives you color because I know there out there. 

I'm not talking about all the self tanners out there that take hours to build up. I've tried a lot of them and some work really well, actually I've been using Neutrogena's Micro Mist Sunless Tanning Spray this winter and it's probably the best drugstore self tanner in my opinion (especially for your face). But even with that one you still have to wait for 4 to 6 hours to see any color. 


I couldn’t help but spread the word out about this great giveaway going on by one of my favorite blogs. Kiss.of.Karma. She is giving away a bottle of OPI’s NICKI MANAJ METALLIC 4 LIFE!!!!  

I would love to get my hands on this polish, especially since I haven't been able to find it around where I live. I don't know about you... But if you love nail polish, love OPI, love Nicki Manaj & love her Metallic 4 life polish then you might as well head over and take a shot of winning. 

Just click here to enter!!!! It's so easy too!!! As of today you still have 12 days to enter!  There's only  3 easy rules plus all you have to do enter through Rafflecopter (which in my opinion is the easiest way to enter or hold a giveaway).

- You must be a follower of her blog via GFC 
- You must be 18 yrs or older 
- You must live in the USA

Of course I'd love to win but good luck to everyone that enters!! 


Guest Blogger: Beauty by Arielle

Hey Dolls!!
I have a special guest bloggler for you today, Arielle from Beauty by Arielle! She was so kind to let me guest post on her blog last week and now I'm excited to have her share some great information with you today! Arielle's blog has easily become one of my favorites.  

I want to thank Kelly for allowing me to guest blog today! She did a wonderful guest post about nail files on my blog that can be seen here. I am very excited to share this post on eye cream with you!

In our twenties, I know many women do not see the need to use an eye cream yet. We tend to think of eye creams for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I was shocked to learn that we begin to lose the elasticity in our skin at age 19. Yes I said it-at NINETEEN! What this means for us ladies is that to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from forming we should be moisturizing the skin around our eyes starting ASAP. Moisturizing can help delay the process of fine lines and wrinkles from forming.


One Lovely Blog Award!!

I was super happy when Aly from Seven Things Beauty awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award. It's so nice to be appreciated for your blog. I probably say this everytime I receive an award, but it's true :) Thank again Aly!!

A Year's Challenge: Week 6 Half- Moon Mani

I recently found out about a nail polish challenge, "A Year’s Challenge" . I first found out about it from Jenna’s blog I’m still thinking and I immediately knew I wanted to join in. 

I’ve been wanting to do a nail challenge for a while but couldn’t imagine changing my nails every single day. This challenge is a different mani every week for the year so that's perfect since I usually paint my nails once a week anyway. I'm a few weeks behind but that's okay, I'm just gonna start with this week's mani which is the Half-Moon mani.

I've seen this look a bunch of times but never tried it, It honestly never really appealed to me for some reason. I'm glad I'm trying this out though. I ended up using two colors from Sally Hansen's Insta- Dri collection, Silver Sweep and Speedy Sunburst.  Silver Sweep is a silver metallic and Speedy Sunburst is a bright creamy pink. Both colors only required one coat which I love!


Step by Step Water Marbling Tutorial & Video

Water Marbling is a fun creative way to use your nail polish, I'm not gonna lie though. I was very intimidated by the whole process at first. It actually took me a while to get the hang of it. Once you practice enough & get the technique down its very easy. If I can do it, believe me anyone can do it.

I have been so excited to do my first video tutorial and a little nervous too..lol. As well as the video I included a step by step tutorial in this post. You can watch the video first or read the tutorial first, it doesn't matter. Just make sure to read all the helpful hints I included at the bottom of this page :)


Monday February 6, 2012 BLOG HOP!!

Monday Beauties Blog Hop February 6, 2012

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where we hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here to see the INFORMATION post! (You can also find the times and days of the event there) :)


Five Favorites: January 2012

When I went to pick my five favorite's for January I was a little surprised that I didn't buy too much this month. I guess that's a good thing, because I did tell myself I needed to calm down a little with the excessive shopping ,especially with beauty products. There are a few new things I bought this month but overall everything else are products I've been using more.

Bare Minerals 9
piece Starter Kit

I always wanted to try Bare Minerals ever since I saw their first infomercial a few years ago. So when Sephora came out with their exclusive introductory kit for only $60, I jumped at it. I mean, that's a really good price. Even though there the smaller sizes it's plenty of product since you only need a tiny bit. I got the Medium kit that came with: 2 of the foundations in medium-tan and tan, All over face color in Warmth, Tinted Mineral Veil, 3 brushes and their Prime Time foundation Primer. I was a little nervous since I tend to have dry skin but after reading all the reviews and how it helped people with dry skin, combination skin & pretty much every type of skin, I was confident that I

would like it. I love it actually! I mix the two foundations together and the color is perfect, even though its powder it almost feels like a cream. I love my bronzers and  the warmth is probably the best I've ever tried. You just have to make sure to only use a tiny bit or it will be too much. Then there's the mineral veil that really brings the whole natural look together. I'm still not too sure what the difference is between the full flawless face brush and the flawless face brush besides the size. The light stroke brush is domed shaped and great for covering up any small areas. The prime timer primer is so nice & silky, it makes application a thousand times smoother.

They still have this kit at Sephora for $60.


Wednesday Poll Time! How do you fake a summer tan in the winter?

Hey Dolls!!!
I'm excited to start this new weekly feature on my blog! Every Wednesday I'm going to put up a new poll for you to vote on and the questions will be mainly beauty or blog related. I will keep the poll up until the following Wednesday so you can vote or see everyone else's answers. I think this will be fun to see what your fellow bloggers feel about certain topics and it might surprise you too!

You might be wondering about my beauty tip of the week feature, I started to realize that each week I was running out of specific tips to post. So instead of coming up with tips you've already heard or tips that wont benefit you I decided to stop that feature. That does not mean that there still wont be plenty of tips in my other posts, I'm always finding new tips to share, but it's not always once a week and I don't want to continue with a weekly feature if I can't guarantee I will be able to deliver. I hope that makes sense and you guys are okay with it :) I'll see how it goes for a few weeks and  if I don't get a lot of feedback then I'll go back to the beauty tips.

This week's poll is: How do you fake a summer tan/glow in the winter?

Since we're right smack in the middle of winter (my least favorite time of the year) skin can tend to get pale. I personally need to have some sort of color or glow, I don't know about you guys. If you do, I want to know how you go about getting some color or a glow in the winter.

Vote in the poll below, if you have a different answer there's an option for you to add it. Make sure to leave a comment!!


NOTD: Essie's Jazz

This is going to be a short post, but I'm excited to introduce to you a new weekly feature that I hope you will enjoy. The post will be up in a few hours :)

I picked a shade that's a little out of my comfort zone. For Christmas this year as a stocking stuffer I got this tiny package with a set of 2 mini Essie polishes. They really look so cute that tiny.  One of the colors is Jazz, it's a nude taupe/brown shade, very neutral.

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