A Year's Challenge Week 8: Corset Mani

This week's manicure for the Nail Challenge was a little intimidating. I'm usually not too bad when it comes to freehand nail art but it depends on what it is.  When it comes to using my non dominant hand, forget about it. I don't know how people do it! I actually forgot what a corset really looked like so I had to google them lol. Then I remembered, it's actually a good idea for a manicure.

I really wish I was good at stamping because there's an image on one of my plates that would have probably came out really cute :(  So I decided to just go with the traditional corset mani and I ended up using Sally Hansen's Black Out and Sinful Colors in Snow me White. I used my L.A Art Deco Striping polish for the black lace.

Honestly, I'm really not too happy with the way this came out, . It just looks kinda of sloppy and I don't like that. Usually I would start over and do it again but I didn't have time. If I didn't procrastinate and wait to the last minute to start my nails I would have done something more creative. I think sometimes I forget how long it takes to do my nails, especially when it's something that included more detail work like this. But anyway, I'm glad I know how to do it and next time I want to do something with color.

I cant say this was hard to do. it was just more detail orientated. Trying to get the black laces very thin and straight was a little difficult and I'm surprised I got them as thin as I did.  Well, what do you guys think?

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  1. It looks really great. I couldn't get my laces thin, so mine didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.

  2. I think it looks great!! Good job, Kelly!!:)

  3. glossandglitz5:20 PM

    shut up these are adorable too!! haha!! great job Kell!!!

  4. GlitzGlamBudget6:40 PM

    Honestly from the pictures this look awesome!!!! Great job! I dont think i am coordinated enough to do something like this LOL!!

  5. They look awesome!!! x

  6. cute nail art!!! loving it!!


  7. OMG love this! You are far more talented than I am in nails!

  8. twofashiongeeks11:10 AM

    That looks really cute! I could never do nail art, lol. 

  9. Shia Rondinelli11:12 AM

    Super cute!  I get excited when I paint "inside the lines" I don't think I'll ever get this good!

    You rock!!

    ♥ Shia

  10. Thank you but mine didn't took out like I thought it would either. I liked yours though :)

  11. I wouldn't go that far lol but I appreciate it :)

  12. Thank you and Im sure you could :)

  13. lol thank you. I get excited too when I do good job


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