Five Favorites: January 2012

When I went to pick my five favorite's for January I was a little surprised that I didn't buy too much this month. I guess that's a good thing, because I did tell myself I needed to calm down a little with the excessive shopping ,especially with beauty products. There are a few new things I bought this month but overall everything else are products I've been using more.

Bare Minerals 9
piece Starter Kit

I always wanted to try Bare Minerals ever since I saw their first infomercial a few years ago. So when Sephora came out with their exclusive introductory kit for only $60, I jumped at it. I mean, that's a really good price. Even though there the smaller sizes it's plenty of product since you only need a tiny bit. I got the Medium kit that came with: 2 of the foundations in medium-tan and tan, All over face color in Warmth, Tinted Mineral Veil, 3 brushes and their Prime Time foundation Primer. I was a little nervous since I tend to have dry skin but after reading all the reviews and how it helped people with dry skin, combination skin & pretty much every type of skin, I was confident that I

would like it. I love it actually! I mix the two foundations together and the color is perfect, even though its powder it almost feels like a cream. I love my bronzers and  the warmth is probably the best I've ever tried. You just have to make sure to only use a tiny bit or it will be too much. Then there's the mineral veil that really brings the whole natural look together. I'm still not too sure what the difference is between the full flawless face brush and the flawless face brush besides the size. The light stroke brush is domed shaped and great for covering up any small areas. The prime timer primer is so nice & silky, it makes application a thousand times smoother.

They still have this kit at Sephora for $60.

Yes to Cucumbers
Facial Towelettes
I've used so many facial towelettes and obviously some are better than others. I count on these for after I workout and to use before I wash my face. The one thing that these have that stand out from the others is that these really leave my skin feeling fresh and clean and they don't sting or dry out my face like some others have. As soon as I notice I'm down to a few left I go to the store and buy a new package. I would feel naked without these lol. On those occasional nights where I'm lazy or too tired to take my makeup off, I know, disgusting but we all have those nights.. these are great even though they don't completely get all of your makeup off its a lot better than nothing. I did read some reviews where people said that they stung or burned when using them. I'm guessing they probably had sensitive skin. My friend uses the Yes to Blueberries and really likes those too.

I usually find these at Target for around $5.99


I don't know what took me so long to get my hands on these, The only reason I bought it was bc it was 75% off at CVS right after Christmas when they have those huge sales. The pigmentation is strong and they last a while. Perfect for a dramatic look, and if you wet your brush you'll get an even more intense look. I use the gold shade on my lid and crease and use the metallic brown for contouring. I don't know if you can see in the picture but the darker shade has tiny gold specks packed in. It's such a pretty color. You can even get a great smokey eye from this. I have to go and get some of there other shades. 

I wanna say they retail at around $7 to $8 at any drugstore

Sally Hansen
Speed Dry Drops

I think I've mentioned this in at least one of my NOTD posts, but this product is like heaven for my nails! I've had this same bottle for about a year now and it still works as good as it did the day I got it. A lot people ask me how I can  keep my manicure from chipping after one or two weeks. This product is definitely one of the main reasons. Well that and I use Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI top coat prior to the drops. Then after the drops I use a coat of Seche Vite. I know it sounds like a lot of top coat but I swear, i cant remember the last time I've had even a tiny little chip in my nail polish. I highly recommend the Sally Hansen INSTA- DRI top coat as well. There both genius, especially when used together.  After I apply SH's top coat, it says to wait 60 seconds then apply 1 to 2 drops to each nail. Within 30 seconds or less of  these drops hitting my nails they are completely dry. One other great thing about this is that it gives the nail polish a hard finish which is probably why the polish never chips. I love the little dropper, its so easy to use. There is one thing I could do without and that's the greasy feeling it leaves on your nails and fingers. But as soon as you wash your hands (which for me is less than a minute after applying this) it's totally gone. I always tell people that complain of their polish chipping to use the speed dry drops, actually even better, use the INSTA-DRI top coat first then the speed dry drops. I haven't seen this in any stores in a while so I don't know if they sell it anymore. I'm pretty sure OPI has these drops too.
I purchased this at Walgreens for $5.99

Hot Tools Gold
1- 1/4" Curling Iron

I've had this curling iron for about a half of year and it's the best curling iron I've ever bought.  I have their 3 barrel waver and they've both been so easy to work with. I have a lot of other curling irons and non of them measure up to this one. It heats up so quick and the temp goes up to 400 which allows me to curl my hair in half the time any other curling iron would. I used to be horrible at using curling irons, for some reason I couldn't get the hang of it or the technique. It was a hot mess. Ironically after I bought this hot tools curling iron it started to become easier and now I'm able to get such pretty curls. I don't really think there that expensive either, especially for the quality. If you like to curl your hair with a curling iron, you should invest in a decent one, hot tools is a great brand and they last for a while. 

I purchased this at Sally's Beauty Supply for $39.99

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  1. Glitterglossandglaze7:51 PM

    Omg I want those drops!! Even with the seche vite top coat, my nails usually show at least a little chipping in the first week... I'm gonna try your system!!:)

  2. inHERshoes10:02 PM

    omg, i don't know if i could narrow down my favorites to five things!
    here are my january faves: http://www.youtube.com/laxpdxblogger#p/u/0/iwp7lleYTco

  3. Sally Hansen is my go-to for base & top coats. Love them! I do want to try those Cucumber wipes, I keep hearing about them...

  4. glossandglitz1:37 AM

    *GASP*!!! ok seriously I am buying those Insta-Dry drops tomorrow!! lol I need that in my life! haha! and those cucumber wipes sounds so nice and fresh!! Love it all Kelly! <3 xox

  5. I've been wearing BMs for a couple years now...it's amazing!!  You'll be surprised how long those smaller sizes last!

    Happy Friday♥  Shia

  6. Fabrizia Spinelli1:04 PM

    Wonderful favorites, I like them!!! This is
    such a nice post!

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  7. You really should, bc there's no reason why my nails wouldn't chip, it's not like I use some fancy nail polish. I really think its from the Sally Hansen top coat & the drops. Even before I used Seche Vite I never had chipping.

  8. lol. some months it's hard and some months easy, it all depends on how much I bought that month. Im gonna check out your video!

  9. I love Sally Hansen!! You should try the wipes, there good :)

  10. Hopefully, they sell them where you are, bc I honestly haven't seen them anywhere since I bought them like a year ago :( But if not, Im sure the OPI drops are just as good.
    Thanks doll!!

  11. I know!!!! I love it :)) That's what Im hoping, it seems like they will last a while since you only need a tiny bit.
    Thanks for commenting!!

  12. Ahhhh, I need those drops!! I've only seen the Insta-Dri in bottle form with a brush here in Canada. :(

  13. Booksinmybags5:15 AM

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    Amazing products, such an interesting post!
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  14. Great January faves!!! I just recorded my YouTube January faves and bare minerals was def in there!!! I just got mines in December and I love it!!! I mix both of my foundations as well it gives the best coverage I have ever experienced and the warmth is to die for lol. The HIP Gilded I'm def hitting pan on that baby, its my favorite gold of all times! I'm glad you found it nothing like a sale on those. 

  15. Fabrizia Spinelli10:31 AM

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  16. I have a HIP duo too but I was actually less than pleased with it. I have the color Ignited and the gold is really pretty but the purple seriously has NO pigment, and is super chalky. Don't get that one! haha

    good post:) i love hearing other people's favorites. the bare minerals sounds good, too. I've tried a few things from their Buxom line and i really liked them. they are just so expensive!

  17. Martina10:40 AM

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  18. i know, I haven't seen them anywhere here since I bought them a year ago :( But I know that OPI makes them, Im sure there just as good

  19. Thank you!!!! That's so sweet.
    I'm following your blog now :)

  20. That's so funny how we both mix the foundations, I totally agree, the coverage is great & who would have thought bc it seems to just be powder.

    I was at CVS today and all the other HP shadows were 50% off!!! I had to get a few, of course! lol

  21. I actually picked up a few more of the HP duo's today and I almost got that one but didn't. lol!
    Bare Minerals is so expensive that's why I couldn't pass up that deal at Sephora

  22. Thank you!!! I just followed your blog, it seems great! Oh and GFC wont be removed unless you dont have blogger, but you do so you dont have to worry about it:)

  23. Love your blog, it's full of interesting things!
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  24. Joellen Lu6:10 PM

    Love your blog, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch, I love finding new blogs! xoxo

  25. I bought a BE kit a year ago but I got the custom color. The only thing I ran out of in that time is the mineral veil (which I found on ebay for $7). I use it basically everyday!! I noticed my skin improve for sure. It's the best foundation I have ever used. 

  26. Thanks so much!!! Im following you too :))

  27. Oh wow!! That's so good to know that I can find them cheap on ebay. I dont know why but I've never thought to go on there and look for stuff. I think I thought it was too complicated but obviously everyone buys from there. I should check it out

  28. Thank you!! Im following your blog now, cant wait to read it :)))


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