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Hey Dolls!!
I have a special guest bloggler for you today, Arielle from Beauty by Arielle! She was so kind to let me guest post on her blog last week and now I'm excited to have her share some great information with you today! Arielle's blog has easily become one of my favorites.  

I want to thank Kelly for allowing me to guest blog today! She did a wonderful guest post about nail files on my blog that can be seen here. I am very excited to share this post on eye cream with you!

In our twenties, I know many women do not see the need to use an eye cream yet. We tend to think of eye creams for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. I was shocked to learn that we begin to lose the elasticity in our skin at age 19. Yes I said it-at NINETEEN! What this means for us ladies is that to prevent those fine lines and wrinkles from forming we should be moisturizing the skin around our eyes starting ASAP. Moisturizing can help delay the process of fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

Here's an illustration for you. In 2006, Oprah did a show on aging well and I vividly remember this woman Evonne:

image via Oprah.com

When the episode aired this woman was 70. SEVENTY! We all know she doesn't even look close to her age. Want to know what she said has kept her looking young?

"Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!" Evonne says. "Every morning [when] I get up, before I open the door to pick up my New York Times, I have moisturizer on."-Oprah.com

Do you think I started moisturizing immediately after seeing this? As Sarah Palin would say, you betcha!

There are two moisturizers that do not contain peptides (the ingredient commonly found in wrinkle reducing creams) that I like to use:

Lush Enchanted Eye Cream

Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Good eye creams do tend to be on the expensive side. There are not any drugstore options that I have liked enough to recommend and the price points are not dramatically different from the options listed above.

Here's how to properly apply eye cream:

Your ring finger is the most gentle for applying eye cream

The cream should only be applied to the brow bone and under eye

With a patting motion apply the cream into the skin

Now you too can start fighting the aging process early!

Arielle is the author and creator of Beauty by Arielle. You can find her blog here. Her blog is devoted to all things beauty related. She features product reviews, hauls, tutorials, tips, fitness, fashion and food. Arielle also hosts a monthly guest blogger series. If you wish to participate you can e-mail her at beautybyarielle@gmail.com. You can also follow her via Google Friend Connect by clicking here.

Thanks so much for this great post Arielle!!


  1. Aaaaaaaa that's exactly what I tell everyone! Moisturizeeeeee people, it prevents wrinkles :) they don't believe me but when we are 60 looking 30 then we'll say: HA! In your face!
    Lol xxx

  2. love this post!!! i've been moisturizing forever and recently started using eye cream. i didn't know about having it up on the brow bone though! so thanks for telling me, Arielle!! And Kelly, thanks for letting her post:)

  3. I agree!!! I've been so bad when it comes to eye cream, but now thanks to her post I know I need to get on that!
    Thanks Arielle!!

  4. Well, up until a year ago I no idea you were not suppose to put it on the eyelid!! 

  5. I kinda new but for some reason never feel like it's that important even though it is, or Im just too lazy. I need to start, that post literally opened my eyes!


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