Turn up the Volume!

I always hear girls complaining that they want  more volume in there hair but don’t know how. Whether you have fine or thick hair, there are a lot of different tricks and ways to get volume in your hair. I’m going to list some of the ways to pump it up and I’ll also tell you how to achieve the look. Hope you guys enjoy  

1. SET YOUR HAIR: (This will help those with lifeless thin hair the most, but this will work on any hair type).
 Roller Sets aren’t just for grannies anymore . They use these on photo shoots, backstage at fashion events and on Victoria Secret Runaway shows. There are number of different ways you can go about doing this but this is the basic way.  First, find a volumizing product that you love (ask your hairstylist to recommend one for your hair type, make sure its weightless and not sticky, volumizers that are sticky will end up weighing your hair down in a few hours).  Start by blow drying your hair upside down and get the hair going upward and off your head (using your fingers to lift your hair away from the roots). Flip your head back over and blow dry in sections or as you normally would.
  While your hair is still warm, start by putting Velcro rollers in the top section and work your way down if you want. (Or you can only do the top sections). DON’T spray hair with hairspray before you wrap it around the roller, I learned the hard way because it makes it harder for the roller to come out and then it just looks like a hot mess. I always put the rollers straight down the part because that’s where I usually feel the hair is most flat. You can use those pins that usually are used with Velcro rollers or you can use bobby pins. (whatever works for you). The key to setting is to let it go from hot to cold while rolled up. Once your hair is wrapped up with the rollers, blast it with your blow dryer and then let it get cold. If your in a hurry you can use the cool button on your dryer to speed up the process. Use this time to do your makeup, get dressed, eat or whatever. Once you know the hair is cool, carefully unroll them (don’t ever pull them out) and style as usual. Then you can use some hairspray.
*Velcro rollers are you best bet for lasting lift. Put 2-3 rollers on top of your head for added lift or do the whole head for maximum fullness.

2.Blow drying: you can achieve volume while blow drying your hair with a root lifter spray (or volumizer), a large round brush or you can even use a vent brush. My personal favorite root lifter is Suave Volumizing Root Boost Spray (this stuff works great and its only $3.99 at CVS). While you hair is about 80% dry, spray the roots of hair by parting in 1-2 inch sections and continue to mist evenly through roots and mid shaft. (The longer your hair the bigger the round brush should be). Take a manageable section and wrap the hair around your brush and slightly lift your hair & brush upwards and take your blow dryer and point the nozzle attachment to the brush. Direct the air flow down the hair shaft and begin to dry. As you begin to dry move the brush towards the ends of your hair. When you know that section is dry use the cold shot button on your dryer to set the shape. Continue with every section on the crown of your head (or however many sections you desire). You will notice a difference in volume from using a big barrel brush.
Using a Vent Brush: you can also achieve volume using a vent brush to direct the hair away from the scalp (pull it up and then forward with the brush) Or you can try tipping your head upside down to direct the hair away from the scalp.
3. Teasing and Backcombing:  Never tease your hair while its wet or even damp, make sure its completely dry. Start by separating a single strand about 1 inch wide. Its best to start with hair towards the top of your head and work your way down. Hold the strand up firmly with one hand and use a rat tail comb in the other hand and start about 5 inches away from your scalp. Lightly brush towards the scalp while still holding the hair in your other hand. The strength that you use should be firm enough to create tangles but not too vigorous so that your hair rips or your comb gets caught in your hair. (that’s how you know your teasing too hard). Repeat a few times then lightly spray the teased section and let it down gently. Using your fingers lightly grab the teased section without flattening it and put to the side while working on other sections. When you have finished teasing take a either your comb or a round soft bristle brush and lightly smooth over all the teased sections (without flattening them), just enough to cover any tiny hairs that might be sticking up. Then you can take your hand and lightly push the hair on one side of your head up and lightly spray with hairspray and repeat on the other side of your head. That will add extra volume.
4. Using Dry Shampoo: using dry shampoo on the days you don’t wash your hair can give you extra volume. You should look for a dry shampoo that says “volumizing” on the bottle. A really good one is John Frieda’s Luxurious Volume Dry Shampoo. This is really good for renewing volume as your hair starts to go flat during the day. To create crown volume with this, start at the back and work from the bottom up. Spray 1 inch sections from underneath. Then you can either gently massage roots for extra volume or lightly tease.


  1. Ooooo, this is great, I love the tips!! Will have to get some velcro rollers!

    Kitty x

  2. It's very easy, even though my directions probably sound a little complicated and you can get the velcro rollers really cheap! Let me know how it turns out :)

  3. very helpful. <3 thanks for this post..:))))

    --jena http://fashiondiy101.wordpress.com/

  4. your welcome!!! Thanks for reading :)))


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