Wednesday's Beauty Tip

Beauty Tip of The Week


You can easily give your face a subtle tint of color without going crazy with self-tanner or baking in the sun. This is also really good for the winter months when you feel a little pale. Take either a liquid highlighter/bronzer, I use N.Y.C Bronze n Glow Liquid Highlighter, I’m pretty sure they don’t sell this anymore since I’ve literally had it for years, but you can use any liquid highlighter from any brand you want.

Mix a quarter size amount of the liquid highlighter with the same amount of your regular day time moisturizer. Mix it really well with your finger either on your hand or you can use something old to mix it onto to. Then apply it all over your face as if it was just moisturizer and you’re face will have a natural pretty glow.

*You can use either more or less than a quarter size amount of the bronzer to get the shade you desire*


  1. This is a great beauty tip I've never tired this!! :) yayy

  2. yayy!!! I do it a lot, especially in the winter and love it.


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