The DO’s & DON’T of Healthy Hair

If you feel like your hair could use some TLC lately, here’s some DO’s and DON’T on keeping your hair healthy


DO switch your blow-dryer to a cooler setting once your hair is about 70% dry to reduce more heat damaging.

DO use a Deep Conditioning treatment at least once a week

DO use a thermal heat protectant spray before styling with heat.

DO look for a conditioner with Panthenol, Keratin or vitamins to add strengths and nutrients.

DO trim hair regularly to prevent split ends

DO wash your brushes/combs on regular basis with soap and water


DON’T ring and squeeze your wet hair with a towel, just blot instead. Or better yet, try using paper towels.

DON’T use the highest heat setting on your flat-iron, use the lowest setting that will still straighten your hair.

DON’T use a brush on wet hair, that’s when it’s the most fragile. Use a wide tooth comb.

DON’T over due it with hair elastics, they can do a number on your strands. Try using bobby pins, headbands, barrettes; things that wont cause damage.

DON’T skimp on nutrients! Drink lots of water, eat whole grains and veggies.

DON’T over brush your hair.


  1. This is a really useful post, thank you for the tips!! Kitty x

  2. Aww! No problem, thanks for reading :))


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