Five Favorites: July 2011

Here are my five favorites for the month of July. I noticed that I tend to wear less makeup in the summer, probably because I’m usually tan and don’t feel like I need as much. Plus when its super hot out sometimes I just don’t go all out. Don’t get me wrong, I hardly go out with nothing on my face but you get the idea. This month will have more of a variety of beauty products. Hope you enjoy  

L.A. Colors
Art Deco Nail Lacquer

I love experimenting with different nail designs and these are perfect for doing that. The brush is high quality and makes it very easy and fast to use. It lets you draw either thin lines or thick. I first discovered these at a family dollar store and they were $1.99, the next time I saw them was at the Dollar Tree so they were only a $1 each! I currently have them in black, white, yellow, pink, gold and silver. I want to get them in every color. I was recently at the Dollar Tree and I was in heaven because they had the whole collection of colors. I wanted to buy each one but I didn’t. I need to go back very soon and get the rest of the colors. For the price of these the quality is great, the colors pop out especially if you use them on top of a lighter nail color. My favorite combo is white nail polish with zebra print in black.

TREsemme Deep Clarifying Shampoo
This is a really good shampoo that I use every 2-3 times I wash my hair to get all the build up out from the hair products I use. I’ve tried other clarifying shampoo’s and compared to the other ones I’ve tried this one actually makes a difference. When I don’t use this shampoo I use John Frieda’s Full Repair and that stuff is really great also, but if even if you’re not using a ton of hair products you still need to use a clarifying shampoo that really gets in there and removes all the oils and gunk (at least once a week). Depending on your hair washing schedule. If your looking for a good one I strongly recommend Tresemme and the bottle is huge, you’ll have it forever.     

Milani Mineral Blush

I bought this blush a few months ago but didn’t start using it until this summer and now I use it almost everyday. I use it in Sunset Beach. The color is buildable so you can wear it for a natural look or you can apply more if you’re going out at night. This color looks good with a tan bc it’s an apricot/ peachy color. I’ve heard some youtube gurus say these are pretty much the dupe for NARS orgasm. It’s also light weight and goes on flawlessly (it comes with a little brush like most blushes do but I would use a normal blush brush for the best application. I always change blush colors once fall comes and I'm defiantly going to buy one of the other colors from Milani. 
 Helen of Troy
Hot Shot Tools Blow Dryer

The type of blow dryer I use is important because I have very thick hair that usually takes forever to blow dry. So I can’t just use any blow dryer unfortunately, I’m so glad I found this one. Helen of Troy is known for making great hair tools, I have one of their curling irons and I love it. I bought this at Sally's Beauty Supply, at the time they were having a special where it came with a Helen of Troy flat iron for $50. To be honest the flat iron is not to great at all, but it was worth it bc the blow dryer is excellent. My main concern when buying a blow dryer is to make my dry faster. It has a 1875 watt powerful air flow, with ionic and Tourmaline technology that makes your hair dry faster. It also has 2 speed/4 heat combinations with a cool setting and it comes with a concentrator attachment (that I use every time). I can honestly say it takes me half of the time to blow dry my hair now. It used to take me at least 45 minutes and I dreaded drying my hair but now I really don’t mind. Plus its really light so your arm isn’t killing you when your done.

e.l.f essential

Shimmering Facial Whip

I picked this up the last time I was at Target when they finally started selling the whole line of e.l.f products. I was so excited, I about 15 things bc the most expensive product was $5. The shimmering facial whip was one of the $1 items I bought. I really like it, its pretty much a shimmering whipped facial highlighter. It blends in well and doesn’t make your face feel greasy. I use a tiny dab on my cheeks and my nose after I apply my bronzer and it gives your face a subtle glow. It comes in 8 different shades: persimmon, Camilla, lilac petal, toasted, golden peach, spotlight, pink lemonade and citrus. I use golden peach, but the camera makes the color look orange and its definitely not. Sorry about that


  1. Great faves! I LOVE MIlani blushes and own the one you have. Such a pretty color!

  2. hi kelly- I just wanted to tell you that I am having a giveway on my blog- if you want to enter:)

  3. yay! i love giveaways. I cant wait to have enough followers to do one myself. Thanks :))

  4. sure- thanks for entering.


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