Beauty Myths/True or False?

Whacky Beauty Tips
Ya or Nay?

Throughout my life and probably yours too, we’re constantly hearing all about all these crazy beauty tricks to help us save money or time. Then we end up passing them along to a friend and then they pass it along to their friends and before you know it everyone believes if you apply toothpaste to a pimple it will magically vanish overnight. We hear about all these DIY tips that have probably been passed down from our great great grandmothers. Even though I’ve tried some of these tips, I’ve been wondering if I’ve just made myself believe that they work because I’ve been told over and over that their supposed to? or is there actual evidence from beauty experts that confirms that these tips do work?
So I’ve been doing some research online about some of these tips hoping to find the truth and I’m glad to say I was able to find out from various beauty experts if we should stop wasting our time with these or if theirs real evidence that they do work. I picked some random tips I’ve heard over the years from the top of my head and I’m going to share with you what's true or false thanks to experts Hairstylist, Rene Fris and Dermatologist, Doctor Neil Sadick.

1.Weird Tip: Mayo is a good deep conditioning treatment for your hair:
Expert Answer: Celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris says: “the fat and oils in mayonnaise does condition damaged hair follicles by coating them with oil, but I cannot encourage this wacky treatment” Instead, she says instead try a deep conditioning mask that is specially formulated for hair and with all those great products out there, why would anyone want to put mayo in their hair, the smell alone is enough to do damage.  NAY!

2. Weird Tip: Apply diaper rash cream to help cracked elbows and feet.
Expert Answer: Dermatologist, Doctor Neil Sadick says: “Diaper rash cream has moisturizes and anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help and hydrate the skin” YAY!

3. Weird Tip: Using a fresh dryer sheet on your hair will smooth away flyaways:
Expert Answer: “Dryer sheets to tame hair on the go. It’s only a temporary fix though, so if it’s a particularly dry winter day stash a few in your purse” says hairstylist Rene Fris says  YAY!

4. Weird Tip: To cure a sunburn take a warm bath in VERY STRONG black tea, the tannins take away the sting and swelling:
Expert Answer: This actually works, says Doctor Neil Sadick and it will definitely help alleviate any burning sensation. Tannic acid in the tea draws the burn out of the skin and helps it heal.  YAY!

5. Weird Tip: Lemon juice really does work to naturally lighten your hair:
Expert Answer: It absolutely does says Rene Fris. “Applying lemon juice to your hair before you go out in the sun is a sure way to lighten your hair. The acid reacting with the sun’s UV rays accelerates the highlighting process”  YAY!

6. Weird Tip: Urine works as an astringent on your face to clear up acne: (gross I know! but I have heard of this one lol)
Expert Answer: This is so false says Doctor Sadick. (thank god)! “Urine does not have any antibacterial agents or anti-inflammatory agents, he says. So the only place your pee belongs is in the toilet! NAY!

7. Weird Tip: I;:ve heard to leave olive oil on your hair 10 minutes before you wash your hair to condition it and I also heard it helps your hair grow faster:
Expert Answer: “Olive oil does help improve hair health by adding nutrients and healthy fats to the root” says Fris so using it as a deep conditioning treatment does work to make hair silkier” As for helping hair growth, Fris advises that “it doesn’t speed up the process of hair growth enough to make it a useful solution”  YAY and NAY!

8. Weird Tip: Rubbing your face with a potato dries up oily skin:
Expert Answer: “Nothing in a potato reduces sebum content which is part of the oil that coats the skin and causes acne” says Dr. Sadick. NAY!

9. Weird Tip: Using hot pepper sauce on your roots will help hair grow: (I’ve heard this one a few times)
Expert Answer: Rene Fris says “Cayanne pepper has been used in at home remedies for centuries” They say it helps improve blood circulation to the scalp, through oral ingestion or by applying at the root. If you are going to try this treatment you have to apply it all over the scalp he says BUT, “the jury is still out on this one, he has yet to come across anyone who has seen results from this treatment” so I would go with  NAY!!

10. Weird Tip: Toothpaste applied on a pimple will get rid of it:
Expert Advise: Doctor Sadick says this is “true” as it may have a drying effect on the skin. But its important to remember it has to be plain white toothpaste (no gels) and should be used only as a temporary spot treatment.  YAY!

11. Weird Tip: Hemorrhoid cream applied under the eyes reduces puffiness:
Expert Advice: This old school trick that you probably heard from your mother is actually does work says Doctor Sadick. It “may shrink them” as it is made with anti-inflammatory agents which can temporarily reduce puff. YAY!

I was surprised to find out that most of these beauty tips I’ve always wondered about do actually work.It just goes to show you, a little research and you’ll more than likely find out the truth to your beauty questions. I hope you girls enjoyed this, please comment if you use any of the beauty tips or just comment on whatever you want! lol. Kelly xoxo

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