Vaseline’s my new best friend

If you are like me, you love multitasking and cheap products that work! Right?! One of the best kept beauty secrets is actually Vaseline. Who would have know that you can use this $4 product to kill so many beauty birds with one stone. I am going to list some of the ways you can benefit from petroleum jelly: 

Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly

1.) Tame your unruly eyebrows with your eyebrow comb and a dab of Vaseline
2.) Sooth chapped winter lips, elbows, or other dry areas  with Vaseline.
3.) Vaseline removes make up in a snap! (my personal favorite usage for Vaseline).
4.) If you have a habit of picking your cuticles,  Vaseline softens them to make it less tempting to pick at them.
5.) If you apply a small amount to your cheeks, it gives a dewy look
6.) If you put Vaseline under your eyeshadow, it gives it a sexy wet look to your everyday matte.
7.) Eczema sufferers, Vaseline can help improve atopic eczema
8.) Want softer hands or feet?  Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks, do the same with your hands and use cotton gloves.
9.) Feel like your perfume could last longer? Well, put some Vaseline on your wrist before you spritz, it will keep you smelling wonderful all day and night.

I know that some of these tips are common, but until I did some research on the usage of Vaseline I was never aware of some of them. Especially, the perfume tip and the cuticles tip.


  1. Carole VonAllten4:10 PM

    I tried the Vaseline with perfume - it really works!!

  2. I really had no idea what great wonders is it! :) Going to have pick some up to try these tricks. My feet are HORRIBLE bc i wear flip flops to work. I get a pedi every two weeks but it just never keeps that that soft.

  3. I know! I love these tips. Thanks for checking out the site Liz :)

  4. I grew up on Vaseline. This stuff is amazing, especially for my dry skin the in the winter. I keep a travel sized one in my office drawer for my lips and cuticles. I use it for everything. It's great to apply on waterproof makeup before you cleanse. In the winter I apply a very thin later on my neck and face at night and my skin in the morning is amazingly smooth.

    Great post Kelly!

  5. Thank you so much for commeting and checking out my site. I appreciate it xoxo

  6. I honestly never realized how useful vaseline was, especially the tip about removing makeup and with perfume. This is good to know and just think vaseline is so cheap! :)

  7. Me either, I've been using Vaseline to take off my eye makeup for a while. Its so easy. I tried the perfume trick the other day and i cant believe it really worked


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