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There are all these different types of brushes with different kinds of bristles. There are five main types or classes of brushes (vent brush, paddle brushes, Denman styling brush, thermal/ceramic and round brushes) each designed for a special purpose. Brushes are often determined by their brand name (Denman is an example) but its what you can create shape wise with the brush, that is important. The right brush will give you volume, height, bounce and curl for “big hair” or smooth, flat sleek and straight hair. The right hair tools do make a difference.

What usually happens, (at least it did to me before I got into experimenting with different hair tools), is that we have this one “old favorite” brush that we use for all different types of styling and expect it to be a jack of all trades when in reality its robbing you off getting that style you want.

I named this post “Hair Brushes 101” because I wanted to give you a description of each brush and what type of hair works best with each. I own each one of the brushes above, I’ve realized that I don’t need all of them but that was just me wanting more hair products in my room..lol. But,, im glad I got to try out each brush so I know from now on which brush is best for my hair type and style. I hope this post helps any of you that weren’t aware of the major effects a certain type of brush can give you.

1. Ceramic/Thermal Round Brush:   Round brushes aren’t just for creating curl. The more “open bristle type” is good for creating maximum height and lift. The densely packed real bristle round brush is great at smoothing and straightening your hair, with the tension need for hair that has a natural wave or curl. The size of the brush you use needs to depend on the length of your hair and the effect you want. *Your hair needs to be long enough to wrap around the whole brush*.

These round brushes also come in vent or style types. These brushes work using metal or heat material as the center of the brush and this gets hot by using the heat from your blow dryer. As you increase the heat that is drying your hair it will be working not only on the surface of your hair, but internally as well. You can get effects similar to setting your hair with hot rollers when you really get the hang of using this kind of brush.

  * To use these round brushes correctly; practice makes perfect!!  I have medium length, naturally very thick hair. My hair cut has lots of short layers on the top and longer layers on the       bottom which makes my hair feel a lot lighter. I use the thermal round brush (medium size) to achieve volume at the crown of my head. These brushes also reduce drying time (and that’s super helpful if you have thick hair).

2. Paddle Brush:  Paddle brushes have a cushion base, used to smooth hair without lift or volume. Their used when you have lots or long hair to deal with.They are great to smooth naturally straight hair or to finish off with after using a round brush to straighten wavy, frizzy or curly hair. There very simple to use and actually very popular with men to create smooth shapes without creating any lift.

3. Boar Bristle Round Brush:  If your looking to achieve smooth and shiny hair and is ideal for someone who has thick or wavy hair. It smooths the hair without tearing your hair or leaving static. You can also achieve volume with boar bristle brushes that are “round”. (just like the “round brush is meant to do). These brushes are also very helpful after teasing your hair by smoothing the top hair over the teased part to make it look natural and smooth. Try to purchase a brush like this with natural bristles and make sure you buy the right size. Smaller brushes are good for shorter hair and medium to big brushes are good for long hair.

4. Vent Brush:   This is a good starter brush and  is probably the simplest brush to usen and we all probably own one, but it only gives you the simplest of effects. The “open vents” where air can flow reduces your blow drying time. It’s also used to create root lift and volume for your hair and to give some movement and direction, like flicking out the ends of your hair. It’s a great brush for easing out tangles on medium to thick hair. To get added volume with this brush: hold the hair away from the roots with the brush and spray it lightly with a finishing spray.

5. Denman Styling Brush: I’ve had this kind of brush forever and never knew there was an exact name for it. “Denman” is just a brand name often used to describe this type of brush. They have no vents and a solid couching backing. They are best used on bob haircuts and medium length hair to achieve a little root and to smooth and straighten the lengths and ends of your hair. Like the vent brush, it is easy to use, but if you can’t get the smoothness you want from this brush, it is because your not getting enough tension and you would be better off using a large round brush.

6. The Wide Tooth Comb:  This is something everyone should own. I’m sure you know that you’re not supposed to use any kind of brush when your hair is wet or you can really damage your hair. I use this comb to detangle my hair after I just get out of the shower and use it up until my hair is dry enough to blow dry with a brush. It’s also good to take in the shower with you and comb you hair after applying your conditioner to evenly distribute it.  Its also good to use in the shower if you have a lot of tangles, because if you comb through them with conditioner in your hair, it will be a lot easier when your out of the shower.

I hope this little article on hair brushes helped at least one person..lol. I’m sure you guys way past the “Hair Brushes 101” stage. But I learned a few things about the different types of styles you can achieve with certain brushes. I always learn great new things when doing research. Hope you guys enjoyed this and leave comments! xOxO!


  1. Thanks for all of the interesting info re brushes. I didn't know a fraction of the info you provided.
    Carole VonAllten

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I learned so much about what different hair brush does!

  3. Thank you!!! I'm following your blog, you have some great stuff on there :)


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