Summer Hair Trend: How to Get the Messy Side Braid

One of the hot summer trends this summer are the long messy side braids. It’s very easy to do and you can easily copy the look Audrina is wearing if you have long or medium hair. If your hair is on the shorter side you can always add extensions or those clip on pony tails, but don’t’ go overboard, remember you want it to look natural. Here’s how to copy the look:

1. You want some body so spray a dry shampoo onto roots while massaging your scalp.    This will give you the extra volume you want. If your still lacking volume slightly tease up near the hairline and on the sides. It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect, its not supposed to.

2. Part your hair to the side and loosely gather hair and pull it all the way to the opposite side that you just made the part on.
Now begin braiding your hair, leave 2-3 inches of the hair at the end so the braid doesn’t look too skinny. 

3. Finish off with securing the braid with either a clear or black elastic or you can use a pretty ribbon.
If you have some large chunks of hair falling out (usually from shorter layers) secure them with a pin. But remember loose pieces can fall out and the braid isn’t supposed to look perfect. That’s the trick to getting this look.

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