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I don’t know if all of you have a “Dollar Tree Store” near you but if you do then you know what I’m talking about. Its like any dollar store but huge with a even huger selection of almost everything. I’ve always loved dollar stores, it’s always to fun to find some cool things that are only a $1. This store is usually a hit or miss sort of thing, sometimes I’ll go there and find nothing and sometimes, like today I’ll find lots of stuff.

Since I was so successful today here, I thought I would do a Dollar Tree Haul, lol….You might be laughing now but wait till you see the all the cool things I got.

L.A. Art Deco Nail Art Décor

These are the nail polishes used for making all different nail designs . They are perfect for this because the brush is very very thin. There really great for creating the zebra/animal designs.  I’ve only seen these sold at dollar or discount stores, never at CVS or a local drugstore. Usually when I go to the Dollar Tree they have about three different color selections but today they had every color in the rainbow. I  was so excited, I bought 5 different colors: gold, hot pink, yellow, black and white. ( I already had them in black and white but there about a year old and I could tell they were getting old so I bought new ones). I wanted to buy every single color they had. There was purple, glitter silver, plain silver, orange, blue, etc. I will definitely be going back soon and getting more. I want to have every color they make..lol..especially bc there only a $1!!

Moisturizing Gloves and Socks

Moisturizing gloves and socks are perfect for a few different reasons. There’s a bunch of different ways you can use the gloves; Slathering your hands with either a really good moisturizer or Vaseline then put the gloves on before bed, your hands will be super soft in the morning! I’m sure there are a few other reason to use them, you can warm them up by putting them in the microwave for a minute or 2 and wearing them for a few minutes while giving yourself a manicure for soft hands and cuticles. 

I especially bought the moisturizing socks because I bought this moisturizing foot masque at Sally's Beauty Supply, and the directions say to apply a thick layer to entire foot & ankle area, then cover feet with a towel or socks ( but warm up the towel and socks first), let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Then take off the towel or socks and rinse feet. I cant wait to try this!

Travel bottles for cosmetic liquids

Everyone needs a few of these. I probably have a dozen of them but since I seem to loose them or throw them away by accident, its good to know that you can get these small (medium or big) bottles for very cheap. This package came with two bottles (both small sizes) one had a normal cap and the other had a spray nozzle. I use these for lots of different reasons. When I clean my bigger makeup brushes and I'm just spot cleaning, I’ll pour some of my brush cleaner into a spray bottle and spray the brush a few times. Its kind of hard to dip a big fluffy brush into a small cup of brush cleaner, so that works perfectly. Sometimes I’ll make my own brush cleaner and store it into one of the bottle with a cap.  I also am really into DIY recipes, I make my own doup of MAC Fix + (well it’s not my receipt, I found a few different tutorials on YouTube). I use these spray bottles for that, maybe I’ll make a post on how to make it soon There’s a ton of different usages for these bottles. Again, 2 for a $1!!!!. Love it!

   (sorry for the horrible quality of this pic)

Pretty Colored Caddies and Baskets

The Dollar Tree is famous for having a whole bunch of different storage containers, caddies, and baskets with a variety of different colors. I already have about 10 in my room, small ones for my makeup, bigger ones for my hair products and containers for my nail products. Since I never seem to stop buying new products I feel like with even all these storage containers I have theirs still never enough room for all my stuff. The one I bought today is ideal for holding your hair brushes, combs or even hair products in.  I already have one in a neon green color but I needed another one, so I found a neon hot pink one. It will look perfect next to the neon green one..lol

There are a few other things I bought but didn’t take pictures bc I felt like it wasn’t that necessary. I bought a cd visor for my car. I’ve literally owned about 100 of these since I got my first car, lol. But something always happens to them, I either lose them, or throw them away with the car I got rid of or who knows..ha!

I bought a new mouse pad ( I have a laptop but I never have gotten used to using the laptop mouse. I need to have a mouse plugged in). The mouse pad I had was so old and they had a really bright purple one. Had to get it!

Last but not least..I bought one of those Over-The-Door Storage Organizers. I had a small one on my door that had 4 little compartments. This one is a lot has 8 pockets and is longer. The more storage I have, the better. I have so much stuff and not enough room to store it all. I’m sure, you being beauty junkies like me can understand. I would love one day to have my own little room just for all my makeup and beauty products. ha! I wish!


  1. I love the Dollar Tree. I buy dishwasher and regular detergent there. How can you go wrong for $1.00? I can't wait to go to one to get the organizer baskets!
    Carole VonAllten

  2. I love the Dollar Tree! You are right...hit or miss. I will make a Dollar Tree run this weekend.

  3. I LOVE the Dollar Tree!! I get so much stuff there, especially makeup storage and organization supplies!! Great haul!!

  4. I wish I could do those nail designs myself but my hands are as steady as jello in an earthquake. The Dollar store is great! a lot of people overlook it because they just assume its for poor people or it has bad quality stuff. Which can be true, but you can great super deals.

    Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

  5. I'm not great at doing designs either, just simple ones like zebra art. That is super easy, you basically just take the wand and draw uneven lines lol. I know the dollar store is great for finding deals. I've seen some makeup by maybelline there before, it wasn't anything besides single eye shadows or liners. But still, thats pretty good for a $1

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