NOTD: Essie Nail Polish: Chinchilly it is!

Yesterday I was out and decided to stop at Sally’s Beauty Supply for some reason. Everytime I go there I end up spending way more money than I intended to, but how can you help it with all of those great goodies. I was actually good, even though I was there for about 45 minutes I only bought a nail polish (the one on the right in the picture), china glaze in avalanche. I was looking for something with more of a greyish/silverish color but that was the closest I could find. (surprisingly since Sally’s usually has a wider variety of nail colors) Its actually more of a shiny dark purple if anything.

So then I stopped at CVS and go figure I ended up buying the other two colors in the picture. I liked them both and couldn’t decide which one looked more like the color I was looking for.

The one to the left is Sally Hansen Xtreme in wet cement and the one in the middle is Essie's chinchilly. I tried each color on a finger when I got home and Essie's chinchilly was the one I liked the most, even though the sally Hansen wet cement was pretty cool too. Essie’s color had more of a grey with light tint of maybe a lavender color. (not really sure how to explain it) so that’s why I took swatches of each color. I have to warn you though, the camera made the colors look slightly off. Especially the Sally Hansen color. The China glaze swatch resembles what the color in the bottle looks but the Sally Hansen’s swatch is a little lighter and has more pigment to it.

I really like this color and its basically what I was looking for. I probably own every other brand of nail polish except for this one. Now I know why essie is considered such a good brand. The size of the brush was perfect and it went on nice and smoothly. You have to use two coats with this color, I usually prefer only using one coat if I can get away with it. But its worth doing the second coat with this or it just doesn’t look right. Thumbs up for essie!


  1. I love the Chinchilly. I wore it on my toes for 2 weeks until today. I got compliments. On my complexion it seems to have a lavender tint to it which is nice. We women of color have to be careful with gray. I want to try something more metallic next time. The Avalanche looks like what I am looking for next. Cheers to Chinchilly!

  2. Chin Chilly is one of my favorite nail polishes. It's just so soft but gets peoples attention. I've been obsessed with my peachs for the summer, but one fall starts again, my love for chin chilly will return haha. :)

  3. Now I know why everyone loves this color! Your def right about it being a fall color. But i couldn't help it when I bought it. I had to put it on.

  4. I also LOVE Essie's Chinchilly :) I struggle with the brush though!

  5. I didn't realize that this color was so popular. I can understand why though. Its so pretty!


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