How To: Zebra Nails!


I’ve always loved different types of nail art and designs, ever since I was old enough to paint my own nails. It’s just fun to do plus it looks really cool. One of my favs is the zebra/animal print. I do this all the time, especially in the summer bc I like doing them on my toes too. Before the first time I tried it myself I didn’t know exactly how to go about it or what kind of nail polish to use. I was looking for a tutorial on YouTube and I found Kandee Johnson’s video on how to do zebra nails. She made it look so easy so I literally watched her do one of her nails as I was doing mine then I was able to do the rest of my nails in 5 minutes. So it's really that easy!

For those of you who don’t know who Kandee Johnson is, she’s a YouTube guru, professional makeup artist and extremely talented. Plus she’s one of my favorite guru’s. I’m going to post her video in this post for you guys to see. 

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