Review: Zeno Hot Spot Treatment

The Zeno Hot Spot is a portable hand-held device that uses heat to destroy the bacteria that’s causing your pimples. This product claims to provide visible blemish clearing within just one hour and eliminates and reduces 90% of blemishes within 24 hours.

I was walking the skin care aisle of CVS a few months ago and I saw the Zeno Hot Spot. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the commercial for this product with Whitney Port from the popular MTV show “The Hills”. I just remember the commercial and how clear her skin always was. So I picked up the box and started reading the back with the directions (still with the commercial with Whitney Port in my head) lol. I must have had extra money this week because I decided to buy it hoping it would work.

Now I should tell you I don’t have a lot of acne but I do have those annoying blemishes that appear a few times a month that I can never seem to get rid of, besides popping them and making it 10 times worse. So I figured if this actually worked that would be the answer to those unexpected pimples that were normally around my chin (for the world to see). Plus it’s easy to use, you press the power button and will here a two tone sound then you place then you gently place the treatment tip on the blemish and hold it there for the 2 1/2 minute treatment a five tone sound will go off. Every 30 seconds the device will beep to remind you of the time you have left.

I came home and read the packet of directions it came with and said to myself “what the hell am I supposed to use this for then” and I’ll explain why: Here is the table of the different kinds of pimples you can use it on and the pimples you cannot use it on: For me, unfortunately I haven’t seen any real results. Maybe its bc of the type of acne I have occasionally or maybe its my skin. I would not say that this might not work for you. It might but I would do research on the kind of acne you have according to the table below before spending $40 on this. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this product a 4.
No Pimple Total absence of acne Not necessary
Subclinical acne Few blackheads and whiteheads: No
Comedonal acne Blackheads and whiteheads with slight inflammation (red) No
Mild acne/occasional breakouts Several inflamed (red) pimples Yes
Moderate breakouts Many inflamed (red) pimples Yes
Severe nodular acne Inflamed (red) pimples and pustules (visible accumulation of pus in skin) with several deep nodular  lesions(solid mass of skin like a knot that can be felt under the skin. No
Severe cystic acne Many nodular  cystic lesions with scarring No

Pros: The packaging is great, it’s a small enough size that you can take it with you and fit it in your purse.

It’s very easy to use and only takes 2 1/2 minutes to treat the pimple

Cons: Personally I didn’t see any results.

You can only use it on 2 different types of acne

It’s a little pricey.

Overall I wasn’t impressed with the product based on the results I saw which were hardly anything. Not to say it couldn’t work on yourself. I really believe it has to do with the type of acne you have. If you’re considering purchasing this check out there website at http://www.myzeno.com/

Suggested retail price: $39.99 found at your local drugstores or Zeno’s website

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