Grab My New Blog Button!!

Hey Beauties!

I finally made a new blog button!!  I'm so indecisive that I made about 10 different buttons, well maybe not 10 but at least 5. I couldn't decide on what I really wanted, just like when I was re-designing my blog. 

Anyway, I decided on this one, I like it and think it goes well with my blog. If you have my button on your blog I would love and appreciate it if you could replace it with my new one!:)

Let me know if you like it or not, I can take constructive criticism, lol :)


  1. Cristina .5:19 AM

    it looks cute :) and this comes from a girl who loves heats and purple xD

  2. Stacey Kane7:17 AM

    I really like your button :) I've added it to my blog hope thats ok x
    blogger button page: http://staceykane1988.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/button-swap.html

  3. Aww!!! Thank you!!! :))


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