Five Favorites: August 2012

Hey Dolls!
Better late then never, right? lol. I did have this favorites post ready a few days ago, but had technical difficulties, again! No more though! (knock on wood).. These products I've been using all summer so it was pretty easy to pick them out.

It's a 10 Miracle
Leave-In Product

I've heard a lot of good things about this product for a while but I never wanted to shell out the $20. They had a trial size at CVS for only $4 so I got it, tried it and then bought the full sized bottle. This one bottle is like having 10 different products for different uses. It's supposed to repair damaged hair, add shine, controls frizz, protects hair color, heat protector, de tangles, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body and prevents split ends. Now I'm not sure about all 10 of those, but from my experience it controls frizz, de tangles, creates shine and silkiness and also smells good. I used to use at least 3 different products before blow drying my hair and now I only need this one. The consistency is thick and not thinking about it I applied too much the first time and it weighed my hair down a bit. Now I only use a few sprays, comb it through and that's it. I definitely love this product and the fact that it's the only one I need to use now. Full size retails for around $20

Mally High Shine 
Liquid Lipstick

I received this as part of the NewBeauty TestTube sampling program to review. (I'm still working on the review post). You get a bunch of high end samples and 3 full size products and this lipgloss was one of them. I'm not really a lipgloss or lipstick girl, I don't like the stickiness or how it looks on me. The only colors I ever wore are nude subtle colors. I happened to really like this and have been wearing it since I opened it. The color is called Just Heaven, a light pinkish nude. It's a 4 in 1 formula that works as a lip primer, lip gloss, lipstick and lip liner. It gives your lips a shiny tint of color without the stickiness I hate. I don't need to reapply it every 2 minutes and it keeps my lips hydrated. Mally is a celebrity makeup artist that has designed red carpet looks for the biggest celebrities. You can find her products at mallybeauty.com.  Full size retails for $20

Sally Hansen Brush-On
In Shower Hair Removal

I hate shaving with a passion and have tried other hair removals like Nair a while ago but never liked them. Something made me pick this up at Walmart in the beginning of the summer, I think I had a coupon or something. The packaging is awesome, it has a brush for a dispenser which makes it easy to just brush the cream on your legs. The best is the "in-shower" feature, you apply it to your legs and jump into the shower and it continues to do what it needs to. So for the first 2 minutes in the shower you're not supposed to let your legs get wet. Then after 3 minutes you can rinse the cream off with a washcloth. I was very surprised at how well this worked. I couldn't believe that it took all the hair off my legs and left them  nice and smooth.  You can also use this on your underarms and bikini area. Retails anywhere from $10.99 to $12.99

Sally Hansen 
Airbrush Legs

I'm not going to go into too much detail on this product because I just recently did a full review where you can read here!  Everything this product claims to do is true. It covers any imperfections on your legs, gives the illusion that you're wearing pantyhose, it blends very easily just like foundation and it stays strong in the pool or at the beach. Can you tell I love this stuff? lol. It comes in 3 different shades, light glow, medium glow and tan glow. I have the tan glow and it matches perfectly. I love the airbrushed look you get from this. It's not messy at all and takes less than a minute to dry. I highly recommend this to anyone, even if you don't have imperfections to cover up, you will still like the result. I paid $12.99 at Walmart and I think its worth every penny!

Garnier Skin Renew
BB Cream

I should mention that this is my first BB cream, when I first stumbled upon it at CVS months ago I didn't even know what BB cream was. Then I started reading the back of the box and was very skeptical, I mean how could this one product even out your skintone, moisturize, work like a primer, tinted moisturizer and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Sounded too good to be true but I had to try it and ever since it's become a staple in my everyday beauty routine. If I'm having a good skin day I can leave the house with this and maybe some bronzer or blush on and feel confident. What I like the most is how it brightens and evens out my skintone, gives me light coverage, moisturizes and gives my skin an overall healthy look. I got lucky because the medium/deep shade I have matches perfectly. I agree it should come in a few more shades though. There are a lot of high end BB creams and other drugstore brands are coming out with there own versions. I honestly don't have any reason to try another brand since Garnier's does such a great job! I purchased this for $12.99 at CVS.

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  1. NailsbyCarol9:33 PM

    I also hate shaving!!!!! I tried Nair a while ago and I just got the worst irritation ever... I have been wanting to try the BB cream, still unsure, but I will give it more thought :D

  2. juicydaily1:21 AM

    the 10 products are amazing!

  3. Nair is horrible!! lol, this stuff is so much better. You might really like the BB cream. Let me know


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