Monday October 21, 2012 BLOG HOP!

 Monday Beauties Blog Hop October 14, 2012

Hello Beauty Lovers and Bloggers! :) Welcome back to Monday Beauties blog hop! Where I hope to create a place where bloggers can come together and share their links in a friendly and supportive manner! If you are saying "What the hell is a blog hop?" just click here and it will explain EVERYTHING:)

Now let's get to business: Here are the very simple rules:

1. Subscribe to my blog via GFC and leave a comment below to let me know you are following (with your link) so I can follow back :)
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2. Add your blog URL to the Linky Below! (make sure to include http://www.)

3. Check out as many blogs as you want and if you decide to follow leave a comment letting them know that you have subscribed and found them on Monday Beauties Blog hop! :)

4. Check out the featured blogs! :)

OPTIONAL If you want to be really nice to me! :)

♥ Grab the blog hop button and place it somewhere on your blog or in a blog post. (remember you will need to re-enter your blog every week, so you can make this a weekly post). You can grab the blog button from the sidebar of my blog.

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Please share with your subscribers! If you share on twitter use the hashtag #mondaybeauties so we can retweet :)

**I will choose 2 blogs each week via Random.org(random number generator) and mention them in the next weekly hop as "Featured blogs"

**The blog hop will go up every Sunday around 2:30pm Eastern Time and will come down on Tuesday around 5pm. This way everyone will have time to participate and check out other blogs :)

Thanks so much for participating! :) Lets Begin

Featured Blogs:


  1. ShoppingObsession7:12 PM

    New follower and joining your blog hop :)


  2. NailsbyCarol11:31 PM

    So many new girls :D

  3. Fuschia777:04 AM

    This is such a awesome thing to do We get to explore so many blogs and connect with each other.Thank you

  4. Alisha Ashley9:42 AM


  5. You have a beautiful blog :) can't wait to read it - and the blog hop is so helpful for the blogging community

    would love if you could follow us back at http://prettysquared.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks!! Im following back :)

  7. Your welcome! I love blog hops for that exact same reason.Thank you for joining!

  8. Thank you!! That's sweet. I just checked out your blog and Im following :)


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