Review: Revitalash Fineline Primer

Hey Everyone! I have a primer review for you today. I don't know about you but if I don't use a primer before applying foundation I notice a big difference and not a good one. I've tried a good amount of primers, so I know what I do like and don't like in them.  A lady from QVC  asked if I she could send me the Revitalash Fineline Primer to review and I gladly accepted.


"Revitalash Fineline Primer Cream. Specifically formulated to create a silky, smooth texture that conforms to the contours of your skin, helping fine lines and wrinkles appear softened and less visible. Help create a smooth base for  your make-up with Revitalish".

The primer itself comes in a small heavy glass pot that gives the illusion that's it's more on the expensive side.  Even though it is a small pot there is whole lot of product in there.

revitalash primer

revitalash fineline primer 

The formula is soft and has that silicone feeling a lot of other primers have. I've used this primer at least a dozen times now and I've realized that less is more, literally. The first few times I could tell I applied too much because my foundation was hard to blend and wouldn't settle right.  So now I only use a very tiny amount, about half a pea size works well for my whole face.

I used my hand as an example to show you the effects of the primer. I'm sure you can see the fine lines and wrinkles on my hand below. 

revitalash fineline primer review

Here is my hand with a small amount applied. You can see the difference it makes, those lines and wrinkles are filled and appear smoother. The effect on my face is the same.

before revitalash primer

The primer seems to fill in any blemishes, wrinkles or fine lines and then when foundation is applied it smooths out even more. This gives you a nice smooth canvas to work on, creating an almost airbrush look.  

Overall, I can honestly say I really like this primer. It's really good at smoothing out the skin so you have a nice flawless base before applying foundation. Even more, it makes blemishes, wrinkles or lines less visible.  Like I mentioned before, it is a silicone based primer and I feel like that is important to mention since some people don't like silicone.  I personally don't mind it, I've never broken out from it or had any issues. I feel that the primers I have used that were silicone free haven't worked as well as far as creating that smooth base. 

If your looking for something to help fill in wrinkles and fine lines and don't mind silicone than I definitely recommend this. It is a little on the pricey side but since you only need a very small amount you will get your moneys worth. The Revitalash Primer is available on the QVC UK website here for £40.50 ($62.30 in US Dollars). 

What primer are you currently using?

This product was sent to me for consideration. This review was written by myself and all opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks really good, you can really see the difference. I wonder if it works on all skin types though xx


    1. Well, I have normal to dry skin and it works. I don't see why it wouldn't, it doesn't seem to be greasy or anything.

  2. Wow that does look a lot smoother with primer. I don't use a face primer, but I should probably get one...What would you suggest as a good drugstore price but great quality primer? Thanks, Kelly. :)

    1. I really like Rimmel's primer, I thinks it's called Perfect + (or something like that lol) but It works really well. Plus it's only $6 or 7 dollars. You can find it in drugstores.

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