I had to a stop into Walgreens in another area and it wouldn't be me if I didn't check out the beauty aisles (obviously). The first thing I saw was a small display of these Nail Caviar sets. There made by the UK brand Nail Rock that also make the Eye Rock and Lip Rock collection. I hadn't heard anything about these coming to the U.S so this must be a new thing. They had 4 different color sets; a brownish bronze, gold, teal and Pluto Pink the color I chose. 

I always feel the need to try every new nail art trend that comes out and $6.99 wasn't a bad price, so I couldn't resist. The kit comes with a bottle of nail polish, a pot of micro beads and instructions. 

 Here's the micro beads, there mostly pink, with some gold and silver thrown in. 

Here is one coat of Pluto Pink before the dipping and clean up, as I'm sure you can tell. It's a pretty color, I was surprised at how good the quality was.    

The instructions say to paint your nails with one coat then paint the second coat to one nail and dip into the beads and repeat each nail. Then gently pat the beads on your nail and let dry for 15-20 minutes. 

 When you take you finger out you have some beads under your nail and around the nail. I used my nails (that weren't done yet) to brush them away. You gently pat down, then pat down harder so the beads stick to the polish. Simple!

The only issue I ran into was the bald spots between the beads and polish. If you look at the picture above you can tell on my middle and ring finger. I probably could have dipped my finger a second time now that I think of it.  

So this is what you get, I was surprised at how easy and fast the whole process was.   

  • Formula was great on the polish and it dries fast
  • The colors are very pretty
  • It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes
  • Once you have the beads set on the nails you don't have to wait for them to dry.
  • Affordable, the kits are only $6.99 each.

  • I can only see this being a temporary look (maybe one day) depending on your tolerance. 
  • It's hard to fill in bald spots in certain areas like right above the cuticle. 
  • You have to use either the plastic container that came with the kit or some other tray to avoid making a mess with the beads. 
  • There not easy to remove

Overall, I really like the look, I couldn't stop looking at my nails. I only did one hand a few hours before I went to bed. I figured I would wake up with most the beads gone but they were all there so I had hope.  Then once I started doing normal everyday stuff I couldn't wait to take it off!  The beads would get caught on certain things. Plus it literally felt like I had super hard rocks stuck to my nails and it wasn't a good feeling. Oh and I had to use the foil method to remove them, there pretty hard to get off.

 It's a shame because they do look cool. This mani would probably be best for a special night out but no longer unless you don't mind the gritty feeling.

Have you ever tried a Caviar manicure, if so how do you like them??

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  1. I think this looks great on your nails! Ive really been liking this look lately :)

  2. Lol my reaction was the same as yours! And I tried keeping it on a whole week! It looks awesome, but as beads fall off it gets annoying. It would catch on my clothes etc. what a hassle. But I totally agree for a special occasion it would be great!!:)

  3. Thanks! I like the look too but I can't stand the way it feels

  4. Thanks!! I like it too I just wish it lasted longer


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