Throwback Saturday- NOTD Blue Me Away!

It's fun looking through my older posts, a lot of them I totally forgot about. It's even more interesting reading what I wrote and thinking did I really write that. I guess that's a sign that my writing has improved. Anyway, I wanted to republish a nail post this week, one of my firsts. That's when I really started getting into nail art, I was horrible when I first started.

Click here to check out my very beginner nail art in the this post, NOTD; Blue Me Away. Oh and try not to laugh it's okay if you do though, I did :)

Click the links below :)



  1. Lovely blog! I've enjoyed reading your post :)

    Come check me out...

    X x

  2. fashionsontop1:17 PM

    I love that color! Perfect for spring!



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