NOTD: Popular = Another Revlon Fav!!

Hey Dolls!!
So I wanted to show off this new color I got the other day real quick. I spotted it at Target and had to get it. I love Revlon's new nail polishes and Popular is another great addition. It's actually a re-release of what was previously known as Starry Pink last year. Not sure why they renamed it but either way I love it. 

I usually don't wear light baby pinks but when you add some silver glitter it's one of my new favs! Popular  or Starry Pink has silver micro glitter and larger silver hex glitters. 

I was surprised, I figured that since it had large glitter flexs it would be a pain to try and spread the glitter around but it actually wasn't. I also thought it would take longer to dry than usual but it didn't! Very easy application! Two coats was enough to make it opaque for me. Then I added a coat of SV.

I hope the pictures did this color justice, I took these pics a half hour before the sun was about to go down. I could have waited until tomorrow morning when there was more light but I'm impatient and wanted to get the post up. 

Have you guys seen or used Popular or  Starry Pink?

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  1. That is a really pretty color. These polishes are so popular and I have not gotten any yet. Might need to do that now :)

  2. GlamGal9:48 PM

    Yes, I have the same colour from Revlon. It looks much nicer on you. I can't explain it but it somehow doesn't suit me. It looks so nice in the bottle, The polish looks great on your nails! I had to pick it up a while ago and have tried it twice. I might try one more time when I have some colour from the sun this summer, maybe it will look better! You do a real neat, very clean manicure. I always get polish all over my cuticles and my manicure doesn't look nice until the next day!


  3. MariJo Nails10:07 PM

    This polish truly is a beauty!!! I have yet to give mine a try!

  4. inHERshoes11:04 PM

    i saw this the other day but didn't get it! maybe i should have, i feel bad having bought so many l'oreal polishes already!

  5. I love this!  I have it but have not worn it yet.

  6. glossandglitz12:58 AM

    suuuper pretty Kell! love this!

  7. So glad I JUST bought this! (=

  8. beautybymissl2:05 AM

    This looks adorable! Love it!

  9. Aww! Really? Some colors just aren't suited for everyone. I actually don't think pale pinks look great on me, I feel like it washes out my skin tone. But I like the silver glitter in this one. I dont do my nails that neat lol. I just clean them up after :) Thanks for the comment!!

  10. I love it too, it's great for spring!

  11. A girl can never have enough nail polish lol. That's my motto anyway. I like the new L'Oreal polishes, haven't bought any though. I'm sure I will soon. :))

  12. You need to wear it, its super easy to apply and dries fast too :)

  13. Really? Yea, you'll love it :)

  14. Good post! I like this color, I may have to check it out.

  15. Laura4:30 PM

    Love these nails. It's such a pretty color.
    I just started blogging. Feel free to follow me! That would be awesome.

    thank you!

  16. Thanks Aly!! Yea, it's a pretty color. You should try it :)

  17. Thank you!! Congrats on starting your blog!! I will check it out now :)


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