A Years Challenge Week 20: Bow Mani

This week's challenge was to come up with a manicure with bows. Even though I'm not a fan of stamping because I really suck at it, I was hoping I had bow on one of my plates but I didn't. I was actually going to give stamping a fourth try lol.

The look I did for this week is known as the tuxedo mani. I've been wanting to try this  ever since I saw it a while ago and since it requires bow ties I figured it would be the  best time to finally try it.

It was very easy and fun to do. I used Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI in Whirlwind White, one of my favorite white polishes. I can usually get away with one opaque coat which is unusual for a white polish. Then I used Wet n Wild's Black Out to paint the tips of the nails. I free handed this but now I wish I used either tape or those french manicure guides.

With a dotting tool I made 5 small dots as the outline for the bows on the other end of the nails. Then I connected the dots and colored in the bows with Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen.  You can also use a nail art brush or probably a regular nail polish brush to do this too. With the same dotting tool I made the 3 black buttons. Then used Sally   Hansen's Anti-Chip top coat and I was done.

I enjoyed this week's challenge. Have you ever done tuxedo nails?

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  1. Cyre518912:10 PM

    your nails look so cute! too bad i cant do those designs with my shaky hands lol 

  2. beautybymissl12:34 PM

    Cute mani :)

  3. MariJo Nails1:32 PM

    This looks really cute!

  4. Domanique2:43 PM

    These are cool :) x

  5. World According to Shia3:54 PM

    Super cute!  You've got skillz...I couldn't give myself a manicure...let alone a tuxedo one!!
    Have a great weekend!!♥ Shia

  6.  Cool design :D


  7. Chic an dstylish! follow each other darling? Kisses


  8. Christina S11:16 PM

    This is so cute! I am going to try this out! 

  9. Cute stuff! It`Looks like it must have taken quite a while to do this. It`s nice to see attractive and polished nails on a lady.

  10. Aw, so cute! I love the bows,  I'm terrible at drawing bows for some reason! lol. Yours look great:))


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