Review: Kiss Nail Dress

One of the goodies that came in my Influenster Love VoxBox was a package of Kiss Nail Dress. The design I have here is called bodysuit. There pretty much the same idea as the Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Strips that came out about a year ago.

I have to admit I was a little skeptical to try these because my experience with SH's Salon Strips weren't the greatest. But I loved the design I received and had to try them out even if it was just to give you guys a review on them.

Inside the box is a little pamphlet that shows you how to apply the strips and all 18 different designs they come in. I think I love them all, there so pretty!!!!

 You can cut up the leftover strips that you didn't use for nail art.  For example you can cut the top of one of the strips and use it for a french manicure. You can also use them on your toes too! How cool is that? They give you some neat examples in the pamphlet.

They come with 28 different strips in all different sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Unlike the Sally Hansen strips, you can save the ones that didn't fit without worrying about them falling apart or drying out. They stick right back on to plastic film.

It took me about a total of 10 minutes to apply them them all.  I didn't have a problem with finding the right sizes either which was nice. I had no problems with bumps or smoothing the strips down.  I used a pair of nail clippers to cut the excess paper off instead of using the nail file it comes with. I just found it easier to do it that way, then I took one of my regular files and smoothed out the tips.

They look and feel very natural. I've been wearing them for 4 days now and they haven't chipped off at all. No base coat or top coat needed.

I haven't taken them off yet but I've heard from some other people that there super easy to remove. I actually dont want to take them off, I keep getting compliments on them and people asking "wow, did you do those yourself?"

Based on the application, design, price and overall quality I would definitely give these a 5 nail polish rating! 

*I received this product to review from Influenster's VoxBox Program*

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  1. kayla sutherland3:13 PM

    This are great!

  2. I had issues smoothing the strips down perfectly, I don't know what I'm doing wrong! This is a cool design though!

  3. NICE! I haven't tried the SH yet. It's still there looking at me lol.

  4. inHERshoes10:44 PM

    they look sooo pretty on your nails! i can't wait to try mine.  i have short nails but i only plan to use it as a cougar ring finger! LOL

  5. These are so cool for sure! I'm going to have to try those out.  I tried the SH ones but I was also concerned about them drying out - although since they were V-Day ones I haven't even gotten them out to see if they are all dried out - I am curious now! :)  they sent you a really fun pattern! :)

  6. glossandglitz2:53 AM

    so pretty! I must try this sometime... I have *almost* bought the SH ones like 10 times now lol, but these sounds better! 4 days is pretty good too! xo janna

  7. Oh Kelly those look fab! I've been scared to try stuff like this 'cause I'm so afraid I'll screw it up! Lol but you make it seem easy!:)

  8. whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com5:24 AM

    I've never actually tried nail strips!  I keep meaning too though, these look great I think :)

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com x

  9. I had issues with that on the Sally Hansen strips. Im sure it was something I was doing wrong too

  10. lol. You should try these, I think there better for some reason and there cheaper

  11. Thanks!!! haha!! That's a good idea, I've done that with other ones

  12. Yea, Im pretty sure the SH ones I've had were dried out after I peeled them off the back. I know, I love this design and a lot of the other ones they have

  13. You should, I would def go with these over the SH ones, that's just my preference though. There a few dollars cheaper too

  14. They are, especially this brand. They have so many great designs

  15. NykkeyB7:11 PM

    Those look so fun they remind me of the Lisa Frank stationary. 

  16. They are fun and really easy to use too!


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