A Years Challenge Week 11: St.Patricks Day Mani

Happy Saint Patricks Day!!:)
I finally did my St. Patrick's Day manicure for this week's challenge. I know I'm a little late. I try to have my nails done by Monday so I can post that weeks challenge but it usually ends up turning into Tuesday for some reason. This week ended up being Thursday (i know, bad blogger) lol. I was excited to do this mani though. Another excuse for cute nails :) Here's what I finally came up with.

Soo...I decided to use two coats of Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet as a base. Then I taped off my nails to get the diagonal french using Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Going Green, then using L.A. Art Deco's striping polish to draw the gold line underneath the french tip. Just to give it that pot of gold look.

Then for the real challenge, I attempted to draw four leaf clovers. They didn't come out quite like I expected them too, but they'll have to do. I used my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in green to draw them.

Then I added a few gold rhinestones to give it a "flashy" sort of look. I have so many gems and rhinestones but never use them for some reason. I think I'm afraid they wont last very long. I could totally see them getting caught in my hair or on something else easily.

Do you guys go all out and celebrate for St. Patrick's Day or is just another day?

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  1. Loving this! :) Perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

  2. beautybymissl1:31 PM

    This mani looks really pretty!

  3. chantel alford6:19 PM

    beautiful nails. Great job.

  4. Ohh Love the color. Great design.


  5. glossandglitz1:37 AM

    amazing! you are rockin this challenge!!

  6. thats a interesting combination for sure! :)) 

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  7. lol..I dont know about that but thanks love!!!

  8. Beautyfashionbyme12:45 PM

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    thanks so much 

  9. Lipstick-fridays1:28 PM

    Great blog xx I found you through the bloghop xx Following now hope you can follow back xx Remember to check out my fab 450 follower giveaway which is open internationally xx

  10. Your nails are so cool!  Am your latest follower ;-)

  11. What a fun st. Patrick's manicure. I tried to do some clovers and failed miserably, so kudos. I found and followed you via the bloglovetherapy blog hop. I look forward to reading more.

  12. Cindy9:53 AM

    Love it!  You are so talented!!




  13. Thanks hun!! Im following back :)

  14. Thank you!! That's so sweet.

  15. Thanks so much!!!! I will def check out your blog!!


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