A Year's Challenge Week 12: Skittle Mani

I'm sorry for posting this week's mani so late and I'm sorry for hardly posting at all this week. This week ended up being crazy and before I knew it today was already Friday. I think this is the first time I've went a whole 5 days without one post and I don't like how that feels. Maybe I'm just being silly but I don't want to let you down or feel like I'm letting myself down when it comes to my blog. I think this week's rush is over so I will be back to my normal schedule, if you want to call it that. I wanted to let you guys know that though so now on to this week's nail challenge!

This week was a skittle mani, at first I wanted to do a full water marble manicure with all the colors but I really wanted to get this post up today and I knew I wouldn't have time so I just did the water marbling on my accent finger.

I hardly ever take nail pictures with my thumb showing so when I do I feel like my hand looks funny or unnatural.

I like the way this came out, I feel like it was the perfect time for it since it's been so warm this week. The colors are nice and bright and remind me of summer. Oh I can't wait!!.

The colors I used were (L to R) Sally Hansen Insta- Dri in Speedy Sunburst and Snappy Sorbet and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue me Away, Going Green and Mellow Yellow.

I've always liked the different color on each nail trend especially around spring/summer. I wish I had all these colors in pastels, that would have looked really pretty too. 

What do you think of this week's challenge, do you like painting each nail a different color or no?

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  1. It looks great with just the one accent nail! I might try this - I wouldn't have the patience to do all of them I think! :-) x

  2. glossandglitz7:02 PM

    I LOVEEE!! this is so adorable, and I am obsessed with multi colored nails! love ya! xo

  3. Love it Kelly!  These colors look so bright and amazing together - you really did a great job on the accent nail as well.  I just love it!  Funny, but I used Snappy Sorbet on my nails this week and did a multi-colored nail as well, and the Snappy Sorbet is already chipping off after 2 days of normal wear - yikes!  Just wondering if yours does that too or if it is just mine (my other polishes are staying on just fine, but I used essie & revlon colorstay on those nails).
    Anyway, great look & don't worry about being busy this week - I think it has been going around because- I am so behind myself! yikes!

  4. beautybymissl3:08 AM

    Nice and bright mani! Like it!
    I know how it feels not to post for days and how bad it makes you feel, beceause it seems like you are letting down your followers.... 

  5. I like the nails! Don't feel guilty about taking a few days off. It's okay. ;)

  6. Tiffeny Irene Coles10:27 AM

    Your nails look sooo pretty :) I like a different colour on each nail, it looks cool!  I have given you a blog award <3 http://justtiffeny.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/blog-award-15.html xoxo

  7. If you have the patients to paint your nails they you'll prob be fine with doing these. I used to use them for just an accent nail too

  8. Thanks!!! Me too!!! They almost remind me of your multi-colored nails you just did except different colors :) Love you too!!

  9. Thanks!!!! Did you use a base coat and top coat? I've had them painted for 3 days now and they haven't chipped at all. My nails never chip though no matter what polish I use and I really think its because of the top coats I use. I actually use 2. I use Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI- No chip topcoat, then I'll use Seche Vite. Im wondering if it's the top coat you use. Hmm.. Im sorry.

  10. Thanks!!! That's exactly how I felt.

  11. I know lol. Thanks girl!!!

  12. Thank you!!!!! I appreciate it and congrats on getting the award!!

  13. I think this is my favorite nail of the week you've done!

  14. Really? Thanks!!!! I like this one too :)

  15. Style Delights11:22 PM

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