ABC Nail Challenge: J is for Jelly Sandwich

This week we're on the letter J in the ABC Nail Challenge hosted by Kimber at Kimber's Lacquer Korner. She is amazing at nail art so if you want to see some real inspiration check her out!  I decided to do a Jelly Sandwich manicure, I haven't done one in a while and I'm in a glittery kind of mood today.

For the base and top color I used Splash by Pure Ice and for the glitter I used Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors. Splash is a frosty pale blue shimmer that needs 3 coats for full opacity. Nail Junkie is a sheer teal jelly filled with flecks of silver, blue and green glitter. It's a little thick and gloppy but not too hard to apply, especially if you're just layering it, but still one of my favs from Sinful Colors.

I almost didn't want to apply the third layer (of Splash) because I loved the way Nail Junkie looked over Splash alone, but this is a Jelly Sandwich so I added it and liked it. I'm sure I'm not going to like removing this but thank god for the foil method!!

I wish my camera was able to capture better pictures of my nails, especially when I'm wearing glitter because you can't see the exact color/effect of what I see. 

I don't know what made me think of this but instead of using my regular top coat I used my Matte-ly In Love by Hard Candy. I guess I was also in a Matte mood too :) I love glossy nails but I also really like the look of matte finished glitters. It totally changes the look of your manicure. You can't really tell in the pictures but it makes the glitters individually pop.  

I'm going to check out what all the other ladies have done this week, make sure to check them out too :)

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  1. This is really pretty Kelly! I haven't done a jelly sandwhich in a while either, but I always like the way they look. Nail Junkie is such a gorgeous color!!


    1. Thanks Aly! I know, Nail Junkie is gorgeous and I always forget I have it!


  2. I adore matte glitters! For some reason, the matte takes a glitter to a more sophisticated level to me. This is lovely!

  3. Really pretty blue - I love the matte finish too!

  4. Love this one! Colour, glitter, matte! Everything! I just bought Nail Junkie, too!

  5. I love matte glitters too, I feel like they are paused when the are matte-fyied.

  6. Beautiful!! So subtle, it's really gorgeous!

  7. I must admit I'm a newbie with jelly sandwiches! :D
    Anyway, I love it, expecially the matte touch. :)

  8. I love this, beautiful color and I love that it is simplistic!

  9. Quite a clever new finish.

  10. Anonymous5:38 AM

    I love it, haha I'm also always in a matte mood. Very very pretty!

  11. Blogger ate my first comment so I hope you're not getting this twice ;)

    Gorgeous color! Great job :)


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