Tip Of The Week: Protecting Your Brush Handles

This is going to be a short post since it's a quick but good tip. I read this in a magazine or website a while ago and I wish I could remember which one.  While I was cleaning my brushes yesterday, I thought this would be fun to share.

As you can see in the picture above, the writing on my MAC 190 brush isn't as bold as the writing on my elf brush. This happens after months or years of usage, and sometimes the writing on your brushes will completely fade away over time. If you rely on the names or numbers of your brushes you can prevent that from happening. All you need is clear nail polish and of course your brushes. Just apply a good coat of clear polish over the names or numbers that are written on the brush and let them dry. This will keep them from eventually wearing off and make them easier to identify. If you're wondering if this will ruin the handles in anyway, it doesn't as long as you're using clear nail polish. This can be done when you first buy them, the next time you wash them or whenever you want. Simple but effective, my favorite kind of tips!

Do you have older brushes with the names faded off, or does it even matter to you?

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  1. awesome tip! thanks for sharing! :D


  2. I love this post. Short, but very helpful and a great idea, indeed! :D

  3. This is such a good tip! i find that they do tend to disappear after time which is sooo annoying!



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