10 Great Beauty Tips

I want to share with you guys some really cool beauty tips and secrets. Each one of these tips I've tried myself and found them to be very useful. Some of them might sound a little wacky but trust me they work. I wouldn't give you guys any suggestions if I didn't personally use them myself. Please comment on any of the following you've tried or do try. xoxo
  • Glowing Skin Secret: Mix a quarter size worth of  your favorite self tanner with the same amount of your regular daytime moisturizer. The lotion will dilute the self tanner and give you just the right level of radiance.  You can also do this every few days to build up the shade you desire.
  • To Smooth Razor bumps and burns: Crush one asprin pill up and mix it with one cup of warm water and apply lightly with a washcloth OR you can dip a washcloth in milk then rinse off.
  • Eliminate Yellow Nails: To help nails that have become discolored from using dark nail colors or have turned yellow you can mix 2 tsp: of whitening toothpaste and 1 tsp: of lemon juice and mix them to form a paste. Apply to nails and leave it on for about 5 minutes, then rinse off.  The lemon removes the stains while the toothpaste will whiten and buff the nail beds.
  • Instant Hairstyle Change: For an instant style change try changing the part in your hair occasionally.
        • A deep side part gives you more of a glamorous look for a special occasion
        • Flipping your hair to the opposite side can give you added volume in the front
        • A center part and a little help from your flat iron can create a retro-sleek look
  • Re-use Your Mascara Brushes: Dont throw away your empty mascara when it's expired. Wash the brush thoroughly with makeup remover and use it to tame your eyebrows
  • An Easy Way To Draw Attention To Your Eyes: Without piling on a ton of eye makeup on you can easily draw attention to your eyes and make them sparkle by lightly combing petroleum jelly onto the tips of your eyelashes. (Only use a very small amount or it will have the opposite effect)
  • Shampoo Smart's If you feel like your going through twice as much shampoo as you are conditioner, it could be bc you don't properly wet your hair before rubbing  shampoo in your hair. Be sure to wet your hair for at least 30 seconds before applying shampoo. Application of shampoo to soaked hair will be much gentler and will also require less product to do the same.
  • DIY Hair Conditioner: This conditioner is great for dry hair and normal hair will also benefit from it too. Mix one mashed avocado with coconut milk until it becomes thick. Then comb through freshly washed hair, leave in for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • A Cheap Way To Whiter Teeth: Drink a cup of hot water with lemon everyday and you'll notice your smile will be brighter
  • Hat Head? To give your hair a lift after taking off your hat, turn your head upside down and shake some air into it. Sprinkle some water onto your fingers and run them through your hair in an upward jagged motion. If you have styling products in your hair the water will reactive and give your hair a lift.

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