How to Wash Your Hair Properly

Washing your Hair can seem like a no brainer to must of us, but that’s not necessarily true. A lot of us are probably doing it wrong. I certainly was, I was guilty of using too much shampoo which caused it to become dry and flaky and I never understood why. Not to mention rinsing out all of that shampoo out could be a real pain.

But now that I know better I only use a small amount of shampoo and my hair feels and looks a lot better, plus I’m saving money by not going through bottles of shampoo so quickly.
So even though I'm sure most of you know how to wash your hair properly. I thought I would put together this little guide for those of you that aren’t sure if your doing it right
Step 1: Wet your scalp with lukewarm water and also make sure all of  your hair is soaking wet before applying shampoo (the wetter the hair the better the shampoo will work)
Step 2: Apply a small amount of shampoo (about a quarter size) into your palm, then rub your palms together and distribute it evenly through your hair.
Step 3: Rub the shampoo with your fingertips (not your nails) and massage gently onto scalp. Rinse it off completely while working your fingers through your hair while doing so
Step 4: If you have very oily hair or have a lot of product build up, you can either repeat steps 2 and 3 or make sure you use a clarifying shampoo. (clarifying shampoos are great when you had a lot of hairspray or any styling products in your hair). They get rid of all that build up, I use a clarifying shampoo once every 4 shampoo’s.
Step 5: Shampoo can tend to strip your hair of moisture so using a conditioner is essential. I have normal to dry hair so I use hydrating and moisturizing creamy conditioners. Pour some on your palm (about the same amount you used with the shampoo). If you have more hair: thick or coarse you might find that you need more than a quarter size amount of conditioner. If your hair tends to be on the thin side or is short you will probably use less. Use your judgment. I like to rub my hands together then starting at the ends of my hair work the conditioner up into the midshaft while taking a minute to really work it into my hair. Then whatever conditioner is left on my hands I will run through the top half (my roots). I try not to use too much on my roots bc that’s where I want the most volume and using too much can weigh it down.
Step 6: Even though they tell you to let the conditioner sit for several minutes its really not that necessary. Just working it into your hair takes a few minutes. So what I do (and I’m not telling you that you have to do this) is finish up whatever I have to do in the shower after I’ve applied the conditioner then rinse it out well. Then do a final rinse with cold water, the cold water helps close the cuticles which can help the sebaceous glands produce less oil and make your hair really shiny too.
Tip: If you cant stand to turn the shower onto ice cold water like me, then get out of the shower and turn on the water for the tub and flip your head over and rinse with cold water that way.
Do you have any tips you want to share on washing your hair? I would love to hear them Smile

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