A Quick Way To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Since you probably aren't going to wash your brushes as often as you should (or probably ever, yuk). You can always grab a baby wipe or makeup remover wipe and do it that way. Just a few sweeps  over the wipe will work out the makeup and the oils that collect on the bristles  preventing you from getting fresh color on the brush and a good blended look. It's a ton easier and only takes a few minutes. Not to say you shouldnt take the time out once every few weeks to give them a deep cleaning. You don't want to ruin your good brushes or transfer the bacteria onto your face causing your skin to breakout.


  1. Kelly7:14 AM

    heya thanks for that i usually have to wash my brushes for ages to get them real clean, i'm so eager to try this!

  2. Aww!! Your welcome, Im so glad I can kinda help. Thanks for reading :))


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