NOTD: 1rst Water Marbling Attempt- Sally Hansen & Revlon

Hey Dolls!
I finally tried water marbling on my nails. When I first watched a video on it a few months ago it looked easy. Yea right! lol. Now I understand why they say practice make perfect with this. I only water marbled my ring fingers since this was my first time and I'm just getting used to it.

Even though my first attempt wasn't the greatest because I don't really like the design I choose to dunk my finger into. I'm just happy to have finally accomplished it. *Next nail project, stamping!! I have the kit already,  but that's another thing you have to practice at to get right. But its worth it for our nails, right? lol. Okay onto my nails:

I used two coats of Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear as the base on all my nails (except for the 2 ring fingers, those are water marbled) then I layered one coat of Radiant by Revlon. Radiant is a bright blue/turquoise glitter in a clear base. There's also larger hex glitter in sliver, light blue and teal. It really reminds me of a mermaids tail. Very pretty, the formula actually went on pretty easily. I thought bc of the large glitter flexs it would give me a hard time with the application but it didn't.  If you haven't noticed, Revlon's polishes have become one of my favorites.

Here are close ups of the two nails I did the water warbling on. I wish I had made a  better design but at least I know for next time.

Sorry for the different color effects in the two pictures, I took them in two different light settings.

For the water marbling I painted two coats of Snow me White by Sinful Colors and let it dry completely. I heard that if you paint your nails white it will make the colors you use for the water marbling pop. Then I used 3 colors for the marbling, all by Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear, Pacific Blue, Blue Me Away and Celeb City. I found that SH Xtreme Wear polishes work well for this.


I will definitely will be trying water marbling again soon and hopefully next time I will do better.

Have you guys tried water marbling, if so do you have any tips on making better designs? 

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  1. Love it!!!! Water marbling is such a challenge. I both envy and admire girls that are really good at it :) the colors you used are gorgeous!!! Can't wait for you to start stamping! What kind did you get?? I think it's easier than marbling, but still takes more effort than just regular mani. Good luck!!!:)

  2. Charlotte Vandervoort5:39 PM

    I haven't done water marbling but its on my Year of Polish Challenge so eventually!

  3. I've never heard of water marbling....This looks good kelly.  Your nails are always fab

  4. glossandglitz7:30 PM

    I absolutely love this look Kelly! You did SUCH a good job!!! It's def on my list of things to try too... one day if I'm brave, lol! xox

  5. MariJo Nails7:50 PM

    This looks great Kelly!!  Marbling never comes out the way I want it either, but a good design usually comes out of it.

  6. Awww!! You're soo sweet! Thank you!

  7. Thank you!!! I really thought the desings could have come out better. But water marbling is no joke! lol

  8. wow! that looks great!!!!


  9. inbeautyland2:45 AM

    That Revlon shade looks stunning, I am getting to into glitters lately! And the effect you have on your ring finger is so interesting, I love it.

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

  10. Xobrunettebarbie10:00 AM

    So cute! I need that dark blue color its so pretty!

  11. I have never tried this and I will admit it looks intimidating!  I am very nail art-challenged and any attempts at doing this would probably result in a meltdown like a 2 year old on my part, haha!  I think the colors you chose & the effect you got looks soo cool!   I will be satisfied with following your journey in the art of marbling!  You are awesome in my book!! <3  :)

  12. Lucyywrites1:13 PM

    These look great! I haven't marbelled in ages!


  13. Thanks!! lol. It took me at least 10x before I got it right and believe me I had came close to a meltdown a few times lol. Im sure you're not nail-art challenged lol! You can def join me in my journey though! Next is nail stamping, I heard that's even more annoying, so Im looking forward to it. lol

  14. Thanks!!! It's so pretty! Im loving Revlon's new nail polishes.

  15. Thank you!!!
    I love glitter, I recently got into it too!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  16. Optimistic Mom3:19 PM

    I doubt I will ever try this but I would take this pic to the nail salon. Lol

  17. Thanks!! Hopefully the next time it will come out a little better

  18. LOL!! Im sure they could do it there and do a better job!!

  19. I've tried it a few times and there are some ways to make it easier. I wrote a post on it before Christmas http://thoughtsinlittleboxes.com/2011/12/20/water-marbling-nail-art-the-truth-behind-the-whimsy/
    I think it is just practising and not being afraid to waste some polish. 

    As for stamping. I've given it a go a couple of times and it hasn't worked out exactly as I've wanted to. Waiting for a decent result to write it up.

  20. I will def check out your post. Thanks!! I know, im a little intimidated by the stamping, but I really want to get it right. *Crossing my fingers* lol

  21. I love water marbling, its so much fun :) I really like how your design turned out :)

  22. Thank you!! This is the first time I did it, Im glad you like the design, I wasn't too happy with it at first. But its not so bad lol

    Thanks for stopping by!

  23. hot hot hot love the marble effect !


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