Five Favorites: December 2011

I cant believe how late I am with this post, I usually post my monthly favorites at the very end of every month. I have been a little busy this past week though. But, better late then never, right?  I would say that most of these products are new for the exception of a few.

REVLON Colorburst
Lip Butter

You might have heard me say before that I'm not a lipstick or lipgloss kind of person. I never really like the way lipstick looks on me and lipgloss is just annoying, I hate the stickiness and how you have to reapply it every other minute. I only really use chapstick and my favorite has been Blistex Silk & Shine for years. I think my lips are addicted to that stuff. I ended up buying Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in Creme Brulee'. If I do end up wearing any type of color I like nude colors and creme brulee is a pretty subtle nude. I saw a lot of great reviews on these so for $5 or $6 I figured I would try it and now I love it. I keep it in my purse where my Blistex is so I can always where it. Its so different from other lipsticks, I love how it hydrates my lips like chapstick does and also gives a pretty color that actually lasts. I would recommend these to everyone.  I noticed how they have a wide variety of colors so I wanna pick up another one. I bought this at CVS for $5.50

got2b Heat Protect n' Curl

I first bought this product over a year ago, I love using my curling irons and surprisingly I actually get really pretty curls but I get so frustrated when the curls start to fall out a hour later. Except for when I use this product, this is the only spray that keeps my curls in for the whole day. I spray it in on each section of my hair before I use my curling iron and it makes such a difference. It's not sticky either like some hairsprays. I also love how this protects my hair from heat damage too. Another 2 in 1 product! I was so upset when I ran out and couldn't find it any store again. I kinda of forgot about it until a few months ago when I started curling my hair more. I was so mad that I didn't have it. I don't know why I didn't do this at first but I looked on Amazon.com and sure enough they had it. I was so excited except for the price, it was $9.99 which I thought was a little high. I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it originally but I know it was less than that. But I didn't care bc its a lifesaver for me. If you have this same problem where you feel your curls fall out quickly then I would recommend trying this. I have really thick straight hair so I don't know if that's why my curls don't stay but this product helps so much.

Neutrogena Wave Duo
Power Cleanser

I've wanted the Clarisonic since it came out but I didn't want to spend all that money on it, so when I saw this at Walmart a few months ago I wanted to try it. I bought the Duo Wave because it came with 2 different speeds- one normal and the other one is a little faster. It also came with 30 foaming pads and the one I bought came with a bonus package of 30 exfoliating pads. You can also buy refills once you use all the pads. It's pretty easy, you just place one of the foaming pads onto the head and it sticks. Then you run it under water for a second and start cleaning your face with it. I actually am impressed with it, I use it for about 2 minutes and my face feels really clean. I really feel and the exfoliating pads more, you can really see and feel the difference.  I'm not sure what type of soap they use in the pads and it doesn't say on the package either. But I'm sure it's one of there neutrogena cleansers. It has a nice refreshing scent & like I said it really does clean my face well. I'm sure the clarisonic is 10x better but for now I'm happy. I still have a lot of the pads left since I don't use it everyday. It was only $12.99 at Walmart, I thought that was pretty good since it is the Duo (2 speeds), it also came with the batteries and the pads.

One n' Only Argan Oil 
Moisture Repair Shampoo

The main reason I bought this product was because it's Sulfate free and I've been meaning to start using shampoo's that don't contain sulfate. Plus I've been very pleased with the other one n' only products I've bought. I've read a lot of articles on the ingredient Surfactant which is basically detergent, that can be harsh most of the time. The reason why most shampoo's use this ingredient is because its super super cheap and that's what makes the foam that lathers your hair. Lots of people expect lots of foam in a shampoo (including myself until recently) and come to find out lather and foam do absolutely nothing for you hair. The truth is that lots of foam & bubbles only means that you used too much shampoo. Your head should have just enough lather to lubricate your scalp and hair. I've heard that sulfate free shampoo's were better for your hair but I had no idea why until I  read this great post on the blog Killer Strands, its a really good informative article that gives you much more information on sulfate. You should check it out if your interested. Now on to the product, I started using this about a month ago and started to notice a big difference a few weeks later. I noticed that my recently color treated hair wasn't fading like it would have by then. I still lose hair in the shower but not nearly as much as I was, and overall I just can feel that my hair is healthier and shinier. When I use their Reconstructive hair mask I feel like I have someone else's hair for a few days lol. I'm in love with that stuff!  I did a review on their hair mask, click here if you would like to read it. I bought this shampoo in the 12oz. bottle at Sally's Beauty Supply for $9.49.

ECO Tools Bamboo 
Blush Brush

I've always been a fan of Eco makeup brushes. I have a few of them that I really like. I got this brush in my stocking for Christmas this year. At first I didn't know if I was going to like it for applying blush bc of the shape but it actually is the perfect size for my cheeks and it gives a nice even application. I love how the bristles are so soft with these brushes and how reasonable the price is. I've also tried using this brush with other powders and bronzer and it works great for that too. One of my pet peeves when it comes to makeup brushes is fall out and having to pick the hair from the brushes off my face but I haven't experienced that problem with any of these brushes. Another plus!  Oh and there really easy to clean and dry well. I've heard some people complain about them being too expensive but compared to other high end brushes I think there cheap. Considering how good they work I think its a steal. I'm not sure how much this brush was bc I got it as a present but I just saw it on amazon.com for $6.99. So it might be a few dollars more if you were to buy it from a drugstore.

Have you guys tried any of these products?

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  1. youve got some really interesting products on here. I'm not sure if Revlon lip butter has hit the UK yet but I'd love to try it I'm lipstick crazy!
    Would also love to try Got2Be never tried any of their products before but sound like a must have! Fab post

  2. I really like the lip butters too. I think I'm going to have to try that hairspray because my curls fall if I don't pin curl them...and who has the time for that everyday?!

  3. beautybymissl6:58 AM

    Nice favourites! I have tried Ecotools brushes (not this on) but I really liked them. And that reminds me that I really should post a review about my brushes :P

  4. Yea, it really works great! Do you pin each section after you use the curling iron? I tried that once and gave up after the first 2 sections lol. My hair is so thick & I didn't have big enough bobby pins at the time and like you said it takes forever!

  5. Thank you!!! Eco Tools are great, I wish they sold more of a variety of brushes, at least in stores.

  6. Well being that I have thin ass hair it works really well for me. I usually take about a 1 in section, curl, roll it up then pin. On a normal morning there's no way I could do it-for special occasions yes.

  7. Yea, if I had thin hair it would be easier. I hate having such thick hair. I feel like it gets in the way of different things I could do to my hair.

  8. I think no matter what hair type a girl has she always wants opposite!!

  9. lol..that is so true!!!

  10. I Love the lip butters! I'm so obsessed with them, I have like 6 shades I think. I've been eyeing the creme brulee for awhile and now it's the next one i'll buy. My favorite is peach parfait. I'm not a lipstick girl either, but this one is the most creamy out of all of the shades I have. I think you would really like that one!

  11. I like Creme Brulee a lot too bc Im into nude shades. I do wanna try some of the other colors and peach parfait is one of them. Im not used to having any colors besides nudes on my lips so I hope I dont look weird lol.
    Thanks for the comment!


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