Review: Maybelline Dream Nude Air Foam Foundation

I'm going to review Maybelline's Dream Air Foam Foundation today. This is a fairly new product that I never heard of it until I came across it at Walmart. At first I got excited bc I thought it was an airbrush spray foundation bc thats what it looked like. Then I realized it was an air-infused foam/mouse, I was still interested so I gave it a try.

   I used this product three times so I felt like it was fair to give my review. I dispensed the product on my hand and took pictures to show you what it looks like and how it blends in. The color I have is Natural Beige.


When dispensing it on your hand it's very easy to dispense too much product so you have to try and lightly pump it. Then you get this ball of foam that looks like shaving cream and you can tell just by looking at it how light weight it is.

As soon as you touch the ball of foam with either your finger or a brush then air hits it and it flatnes out just like a ball of whip cream would. *(I know the color of the foundation seems too dark but you have to remember that my hands are lighter than my face is). That's also way too much on my hand. Like I mentioned before try and use a light hand when using the dispenser.



This foundation is for someone that wants light coverage even though you can probably acheive a medium coverage since it is buildable. There are no sparkles or sheen luminosity. It is a little sanity but more matte than anything. Once you start blending this in it becomes a very thin foundation. I added my mineral veil powder from bare minerals over it and it gave me a nice natural looking finish.

 I really think this product depends on what type of coverage your looking for and your skin tone. If you're looking for a medium to heavy coverage then I wouldn't recommend this but if your looking for a light weight foundation and you already have somewhat of a flawless skintone than this might be for you. I think Maybelline's Dream Nude Airfoam is for someone that is lucky enough to not really need foundation but maybe wants to even out there skin tone a little. I dont really see the whole airbrush finish it promises. I also noticed that it seems to just sit on top of my skin and not really absorb like its supposed to. I applied it once using my fingers like the directions suggest and then the second time I used a stippiling brush. I found it much easier to blend with the brush.

My final thoughts:


  • Good for someone that already has an even skin tone
  • Contains SPF 15
  • The packaging is good and the dispenser works fine
  • Can give you a natural finish using powder
  • It's not a messy product.
  • A little goes a long way
  • It's supposed to promise an airbrush finish but there's not.
  • It's hard to see what each color looks like through the bottle 
  • It's not meant for people who need medium to heavy coverage. 
  • It doesn't absorb into your skin like other foundations do. 

 When I want a light weight coverage I usually stick to my tinted moisturizes that do a great job so I wouldn't repurchase this product. But like I said if you have skin that's pretty even and only want a light coverage you might like this. I just dont think this foundation was for me since I prefer more coverage. With that being said, I would say this is a pretty decent foundation if this is what your looking for.

Product Rating: 
4 out of 5 nail polishes

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  1. Lucyywrites4:30 PM

    Oo I wonder if this will get to the UK, never heard of it! :D I use satin and dream creamy. :)

    Lucy x

  2. thanks for the review! at first i thought it was a medium coverage...

  3. It might, it just came out here. So maybe you'll see it out soon. You might like it

  4. Your welcome!! Nah, not really. I felt like it was a light coverage

  5. Thank you for reviewing this product. I prefer med to heavy coverage myself so now I know this wont be for me. :-)

  6. Great review, and very thorough!  After reading your view I'm not sure if I will try it now though, because I'm more of a medium-coverage kind of gal when I wear foundation, and if I don't want to wear much I just use a tinted moisturizer and then apply some Mac MSF Natural on top and then I've got a light coverage that is good enough for running errands and such.  :)  Thank you for your honest review & pictures!  :)

  7. Wow, great review! It looks like a cool product, but I think the packaging isn't very good. I mean, when I saw it I thought it was a spray on type thing too.

    PS- are you not using Diqus anymore?

  8. chantel alford11:45 PM

    Good review, I have never heard of this product before either....

  9. kaquino2110:54 AM

    So glad I found you blog from the beauty blog hop!  I have been contemplating trying this because it sounds so interesting.  Good info and review. Thanks! Hope you follow back-
    -Kristin from meetmeonthebrightside.blogspot.com

  10. I read `_____ _____ Nude Air Foam Foundation`and thought, finally!!! A beauty product that even us men wouldn`t mind spending $$$ on if it makes her happy and does the trick. How disappointing to read that it`s actually makeup/foundation to be applied to a lady`s face. Bwahahaha! None the less, great review. So if it doesn`t absorb into the lady`s skin, do you suggest that us men carry along extra shirts or washcloths with us for those `close moments`?

  11. Thank you!! I feel the same way, I like my tinted moisturizer for light coverage too.
    As always thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts :))


  12. Thank you. Yea, it must have just come out because I never heard of it either until I saw it at the store

  13. Thank you, Im glad I helped :) Thanks for following, Im following your blog.

  14. LMAO!!! I love your comments, its nice having a guy's point of view that isn't into makeup. What did you think it was then? lol. yea, its foundation. No, you wouldn't need to carry towels around lol. I just meant most foundations absorb into your skin and you dont really feel them. But this one doesn't.

  15. islay_xx4:04 PM

    wow a foam foundation is such a good idea! I really want to try this! Oh and I followed :) xxx

  16. Thank you I appreciate it!

  17. glossandglitz1:18 AM

    Wow, what a unique foundation. I like how it comes out. I used to have a spray foundation (YEARS ago lol) so this reminds me of it, sorta haha! Great post Kelly xo

  18. catherine08059:51 AM

    Thanks for the review, don't think this product is for me.

    I have nominated you for an award, check out my blog for details xxx

  19. It definietly is unique and Revlon just came out with one just like it. You seem to have even skin tone. You might like it :)

  20. Aww!! Thank you!!! Thats so sweet!

  21. It def is unique, never saw anything like this before. I thought it was a air brushed foundation at first, I would of probably like that

  22. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I saw an ad for it in Cosmo and was wondering if it was any good. I normally don't use foundation in my regular makeup; but more for if I'm going out (basically anywhere other than work lol) so I don't need a lot of coverage. I may still check it out:) Thanks!!

  23. You're lucky!! I wish I didn't need foundation. You might actually like this product then.
    Thanks so much for reading & commenting!


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