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 I've always heard that the general rule is between 6 to 8 weeks, and I'm totally guilty of waiting longer than that more times than not. Oops! 

 Did you know that the type of hair cut you have determines how long you should  wait till you're next cut? I didn't know that until my friend that is a hairdresser recently told me. She said she always discusses the "expiration" date with each person's hair she cuts because every single hair cut is different. After she told me that I had to share this with you guys and thankfully she gave me the lowdown. Here it is:

Long Hair - 6-8 weeks: Don't wait too much longer than that because really long hair needs extra love and attention on the ends as well. 

Medium to Long Hair- 8-12 weeks: This is the most flexible hair length as far as cut maintenance goes. You can go get a cut when it feels too heavy or you notice a lot of split ends. Some people can wait 10 to 12 weeks especially if you're growing it out. 

Textured layers or razor cuts- 4-8 weeks (depending on texture): Curly/Wavy hair usually gets longer slower so you can even go closer to 6 weeks. If the hair is straighter you can wait 4 to 6 weeks. She said to keep in mind that razors aren't as sharp as a good pair of scissors which means you'll probably get split ends faster than you would with a scissor cut. If you like rough textured hair proper maintenance is key. 

Layers- 6-8 weeks: Once your layers are lowered an inch or two from where they started they don't move the same. The removed weight you got when you first got your layers returns. 

Short or long bob- 4-6 weeks: If your hair is between your shoulders and chin then you probably know once it grows to your collarbone it starts to flip out because of the natural curve it follows. The longer your neck is the longer you can wait for a cut, if your neck is short it's going to hit your collarbone sooner. 

Short cropped hair- 4-6 weeks: If you have one of those short pixie cuts its probably best to get it cut a little after 3 weeks. She said that if your hair is about 1 inch all over it can double in length in one month.

I found this interesting and Im so glad she shared all this info with me so I could share it with you guys. Now I know I can weight at least 12 weeks since I have medium to long hair before going back for another hair cut. 

Did anyone else know about these different time frames for different hair cuts? Maybe I was the only one out of the loop. Let me know!!

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  1. catherine08054:52 PM

    Haha I cut mine whenever it starts to annoy me! I'm talking months, sooooo bad of me! xx

  2. glossandglitz7:19 PM

    If I could afford to I'd cut it once a month BUT I'm not lol, so with my long hair I got about every 3 months... Luckily I have pretty healthy hair and can get away with it. I have to say now that I am no longer blonde I am so happy I don't have to deal with roots! yay! haha! xo

  3. Rivuletsbeauty8:34 AM

    I'm really bad at getting my hair cut regularly, I just forget lol! I get really shaggy really fast and end up having to wait a week for an appointment, so by the end of that I'm a shaggy dog lol. Getting it done on Tuesday though! And thanks for the comment btw (: I'm doing great, how are you?

  4. Great advice!  Thanks for sharing!  :)  I'm wanting to grow my hair longer, so I get my ends trimmed every 8 weeks just to keep them on the healthy side.  Unfortunately though, every time she takes that little trim, I feel like I lose what just took me 8 weeks to grow.  :(  Have you ever tried a hair/nail vitamin?  I've heard good things about Biotin, but haven't tried it yet.

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Thank you for sharing such type of informative articles .Bob Marley

    I am always waiting for your next article .

  6. Oh my! Thanks for this article, Kelly! I have been in a state of denial about needing to get a trim since we moved to a new state and I lost my amazing hairdresser! :(  I have since had "hair anxiety" and not found a new one.  (All the referrals I was getting were from places where they charge $80 ONLY for the haircut - no blowdrying or styling - yikes!)  I told myself yesterday that I would make an appointment TODAY (at a reasonably priced salon) and get it done so your article reminded me (yet again) to make myself do it, lol! :)  So, I just made it, and I got in this afternoon already.  Can't wait to feel new again, but still anxious! Haha can you tell i <3 my hair!  Crossing my fingers they don't take off 5 inches of split ends! 
    Oh, and I will make my next appointment ahead of time this time so that I can stay on this schedule!! :D
    Thanks again for your post!

  7. So am I, I dont think i know anyone that gets there hair cut every 6 weeks on the dot. lol. Im doing good! I love all your nail looks. There so inspiring!

  8. I know it feels like everytime you get a trim it takes longer to grow but it's actually helping it to grow. That's what I hear anyway. I've never tried that vitamin but I have heard of it and it is suppose to work. I'd actually like to try it, especially for my nails. I wonder if it's expensive.
    Thanks for reading :))

  9. Oh wow!!! That's so great that you made an appointment. Hopefully it's not at a place that cost $80 for only a cut bc that's ridiculous! If you're only getting a trim, I wouldn't be nervous, unless there clueless they should know that a trim is only an inch or less. You can even tell them that you only want 1/4 of an inch taken off, I've done that before just so they know you really only want a trim. Good luck!!! Everything will be find, it's not like you're getting a whole new hair style. Im sure it will look gorgeous and you'll feel great afterwards. You have to let me know how it went afterwards lol

  10. I'm horrible at getting my hair cut regularly. It's been at least 8 months for me! My hair is just awful at the moment too, but I can barely find time to sit down and have it done! Maybe once summer hits!

  11. Good topic!  I've always wondered about how long to wait for myself and for the kiddos.

  12. Thanks!!! Im glad you liked it :)

  13. I feel ya girl!! Im the same way, I dont think I ever followed the rules. It's hard to find the time, money and all that.

    Thanks for stopping by!!

  14. This is very interesting! I am SOO guilty of waiting too long. And the worst party is....I have very long hair!

  15. I'm the same exact way, its hard to find time or money to go every 6 weeks. I doubt a lot of people follow that rule lol.
    Did you enter my giveaway yet? I would love for you to enter :)

    p.s. Im working on that post now, sorry..I know Im taking forever :)


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