10 Days to Christmas Challenge- Day 6

Day 6- What your tree looks like
We've had a fake tree for the past 3 years, we tried the whole real thing and I guess it got too annoying. Besides that we have tons of ornaments. We have the regular red, green and gold ones and the fancy ones. Then we have all the special made ones that I love. When I was in pre-school we made an ornament out of a tuna fish can then put gold garland all around it and then there is a picture of me and my teacher. My brother also has one too so its so funny to see them on the tree every year. We have white lights with an angel on top, oh and I just hung candy canes around the tree. It's very pretty and I can't believe we're gonna have to take it down soon because it feels like we just put it up!

What does your Christmas tree look like?

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