Throwback Saturday- DIY Lemon Facial Scrub

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted to bring back some of my older posts from when I first started blogging. I think it's fun to see how my writing has improved over time and my newer readers get a chance to read posts that they probably haven't read. Like I said in my other post I'm only going to use the posts that got a good amount of views.

The Throwback post for this week is DIY Lemon Facial Scrub and its from June 2011, a month after I started my blog. This is a really great facial scrub and I still use it to this day. Just click here to read the post and let me know what you think :)

Click the links below :)



  1. Jessica Borg10:49 AM

    this is a really good idea!


  2. i love a good scrub. this is one of my fave travel scrubs. ellesees.blogspot.com


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