10 Day YOU Challenge Day #1

Hey Beauties!! I decided to do one of these blog challenges that I've been seeing lately. I got this specific one from Nykki's Mane Blog and after reading through it, I thought it would be fun to do. Plus, I've never done one before. I know the rules say to start with day 10 (ten secrets) but I feel like starting off with day #1 makes more sense. Or maybe its just me. So, here we go with Challenge Day #1
Oh and please leave comments!!!!

The first challenge, Day #1 is to post a picture of yourself.  My friend who is a professional photographer took this pic a few years ago along with pics of me and my brother. That's what my mom wanted for Mothers Day that year. I cant believe how blond my hair was! WoW..lol

Please click the links below :)

1 comment:

  1. This picture is amazing! :)

    You look great as a blonde, but being brunette is always better. lmbo.

    xoxo, nykki


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