10 Things You Should Never Stop Doing in a Relationship

This isn’t going to be one of my normal beauty posts but that’s okay because I think you guy’s will enjoy this. So, I was reading every woman’s bible aka Cosmopolitan magazine, of course lol. I came across this article in the October issue, “50 Things You Should Never Stop Doing in a Relationship “and found it really interesting.

You know, when your still in the honeymoon stage of a relationship and you think everything about your partner is fabulous, even when you notice how they sometimes hum to themselves. But then after the first few months that humming becomes freakin annoying among some other little habits. Even if we don’t realize it, it goes both ways because they feel the same about us (shocker)!

I picked 10 of my favorite “things you should never stop doing in a relationship” out of Cosmo’s 50. All of these 50 actually make sense but these are the ones that stood out to me and could help your relationship from going south. Or not, who knows, but it was fun to read  

1. Playing it cool on Facebook- no need to post on his wall every single day…or even every other. Virtual absence: It makes the heart – and other parts – grow fonder.

2. Quickly running to the bathroom to brush your teeth before morning sex.

3. Not commenting on the fact that your ex is way worse. Nothing is more of a mood killer than bringing up either of your romantic pasts.

4. Occasionally packing your weekend schedule with all sorts of activities that don’t include him so he has (almost too much) room to breath.

5. Wearing cute little lounge clothes on Sundays. C’mon, yoga pants are just as comfy as sweats.

6. Flirting innocently with the cute waiter or bartender so that he never forgets just how freaking doable you are.

7. Sucking it in and strutting your stuff when he’s watching.

8. Keeping your body complaints to yourself—the more comfortable you get, the more you may find yourself proclaiming that you feel fat or that your nail beds suck…something you would never do when you were the hot new girlfriend.

9. Choosing sex over kickboxing class on Saturday mornings.

10. Picking up his favorite type of beer or snack on your way to his house or on your way home from work. You know how amazing it feels when he sends you flowers “just because”? It’s like that.


After reading this article, I thought about a few of my past relationships that were long-term and realized there were definitely a few things both of us stopped doing. Not saying it would have saved the relationship, but its good to know that these things could help. Gotta love Cosmo and their great advice!

Which number can you relate to or that you’ve been guilty of?

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  1. Great post!!
    I am so glad FB wasn't around when I was dating. ;)

    #10 is pretty cool, my husband gets a treat out of it.

    #2 well I might if I had more warning! LOL Is that TMI? Oh well................

  2. haha!!! no, nothing is TMI (well not nothing) lol.. You read the post, I was thinking the same things with some of the content. But oh well! :)

  3. Good article Kelly. I only disagree with #4 and #6. My husband and I have both been married once before and we are coming up on our 2nd yr aniversary. Since our schedules are so busy during the week with work, we look forward to re-connecting on the weekends. Lastly, I would never show disrespect to him by flirting with someone else. Flirting is reserved for him alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thanks Kim!!
    I agree with you, I've never flirted with someone else in front of a boyfriend and I would def be pissed if he flirted with someone in front of me. But I thought it was interesting..lol

    p.s. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!


  5. Awesome ! Thanx for the reminder in some parts ! lol



  6. Hello !!

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  7. Thats so sweet!! Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it :)


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