Video Review: Got2b Powder’full Volumizing Styling Powder

I recently started filming videos and started a YouTube channel, I’ve wanted to do this forever but I never had and still don’t a good video camera. I’ve been using my webcam which is okay for now. So I apologize in advance if the quality is poor, I’m hoping to get a good camera soon.

I hope you will guys subscribe to my YouTube channel. I would really appreciate it!!!! xoxo


  1. Great video I subbed didn't know you had a channel<3

  2. Thanks Jenn!!!
    I just started it recently, but Im not sure if I should make anymore videos until I get a good camera bc using my webcam makes the quality of the video horrible :( Thanks for subbing though!!! xoxo

  3. I do think the product gave you more volume! Nice the way you worked in teaching about teasing hair too. Great video! You are so brave.......maybe one day I will get the courage. :)

    Really nice job!!!

  4. Thanks doll!!!!
    I've wanted to start a YouTube channel for a while now, but I dont have a good video camera yet, just my web cam and as you can see the quality is horrible. When I get a good camera I want to start doing tutorials.


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