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There’s more than one secret to a perfect blowout but there's an important one that I just recently learned about and it makes a lot of sense. Start with your fingers when your ready to start blow drying your hair. Pull your fingers through hair starting at the roots and pull hair out a few inches and hold it while you use the blow dryer to shoot air at the crown. Try to hold your hair super taut.

A brush can only get so close in so hold your hair super taut while doing this otherwise moisture will stay in the hair shaft and it will frizz up. It's very important to make sure your roots are dry first before going on to the rest of your hair.

*Another great tip is to lock in style with the “cool button” on your blow dryer. If you blow dry your hair in sections like I do, once each section is completely dry, pull hair taut with your brush and blast it with the cool button on your dryer. Finish each section like this and the cool air will lock in shine and smoothness.

Do you guys have any blow drying tips when it comes to your hair?  Please share!!!


  1. Great tip! I religiously use my cool setting, even when it's halfway through the day and I need a boost. Flipping my hair over and using the cool setting sets the style and adds air pockets that add volume - I have fine hair so sometimes it gets flat as the day goes on!

    Xo Emily from the Daily Frizz

  2. Thanks!! I feel like a lot of people dont realize to use the cool button. You know what I hate, I have thick hair and i'll leave the house with volume and 2 hours later I'll look in the mirror and Im like where did it go, usually i'll just have to massage my scalp for a few seconds or flip my hair over real quick and it will come back. But why can't it just stay the way it looks when I leave the house? lol That would be too easy though haha

  3. Great tip!! just found your blog :D tried to follow but for some reason I don't see where is your friend connect. glad I found you will come back :)

    My beauty blog: My Guilty Little Pleasures

  4. Great tips! I always forget that the "chill" button is on my hair dryer. I need to get on that train. ;) Anything that will help to lock in shine sounds good to me!

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. Thanks for commenting!!!! xoxo

  6. Michelle1:13 AM

    Hi Kelly,

    I wanted to let you know I awarded your blog the Classic Beauty Blog Award. See my post for details at:


    You can send me an email at:

    HealthyLivingNaturalBeauty@gmail.com for details on how to add the award button to your blog if you'd like to display it in a post or on your sidebar. Congratulations!

  7. really ?
    thnx for the tip :D going to try that tomorow ;)


  8. yayy!!! let me know how it turns out! :)

  9. Lauren Slade5:59 PM

    Hi, I just discovered your blog! So many great beauty products and tips!!! I'm following on GFC, Twitter and Facebook now, l look forward to reading more of your blog! :)

    Lauren @ www.stylelixir.com


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