A Year's Challenge Week 13: Ruffian Mani

I am so late posting this week's nail challenge! Sorry! I need to get myself back on track. Everytime I went to do my nails this week it either wasn't the right time or I didn't have enough time to finish them. It's crazy because I've always found time to do my nails.

This week's challenge was a Ruffian mani and I honestly never heard of it before so I had to goggle it. I was surprised when I first saw what it was, it reminds me of the half moon mani except the moon part is bigger.

I think it's fair to say that I definitely failed at this one. This looks more like a half moon than what it was supposed to look like. I do like the color combo though. At first I planned on using my matte topcoat over the black to give it that matte and glossy look. Then I realized I liked the black glossy so I kept it that way.

This would have came out better if the I made the gold part thinner. I used those white french manicure guides and placed them upside down on my nail then painted the rest of the nail black.  I guess it needed to be lower on my nail to make the moon part thinner. I didn't trust myself to free hand it, I probably would have never gotten the moon shape to come out right.

I first used Gold Coin by Revlon for the base color then Black Out by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. 

There's only two pictures because I wasn't really happy with the outcome so I didn't take a lot of pictures. I haven't got a chance yet to see everyone else's mani this week but I'm sure they look great. I'm looking forward to next week's challenge because it's a striped manicure and it will be posted a lot earlier this time :)

How do you feel about the Ruffian mani, Have you tried it or ever heard of it?

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  1. Amanda Faulkner12:51 AM

    Hey Kelly!  I really like this one.  The gold/black combo is classic and STUNNING!

  2. Really? Thanks!! Im not that crazy about it but I do like the color combo

  3. Whatrebeccasaid4:31 PM

    Hey girl great post! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'd love to see you do some fitness/health posts too - I'd definitely read them :) 

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xxxxx

  4. glossandglitz1:27 AM

    very cool.... and definitely a new one for my nail "vocabulary"!! xox

  5. This looks great! I like the color combo. I've never heard of this type of manicure either, but I like it. I might give it a try.

  6. Thanks Aly!! I never heard of it either until the nail challenge. It's almost the same thing as the half moon manicure. 


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